Elvis Presley friend and ‘Memphis Mafia’ member Sonny West in ICU

Sonny West is comforted by Elvis Presley, his best man during his December 1970 wedding. (Texas Elvis Fan Club archives)


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Sonny West is comforted by Elvis Presley, his best man during his December 1970 wedding.

Sonny West, one of the original “Memphis Mafia,” friend and bodyguard for sixteen years with Elvis Presley in Intensive Care at Vanderbilt Hospital in Tennessee.  

Sonny and his wife Judy, who were married in December 1970 in Memphis (Best Man was Elvis and Matron of Honor was Priscilla Presley), have two children, Bryan and Alana.

“I held my dads hand last night expressing to him that he’s the strongest man I’ve ever known,” Bryan posted on his Facebook page today. “I told him how much he needed to fight right now and not to give up. I told him how loved he is and how many people are praying and pulling for him to get through this.”

“He kept squeezing my hand. I read to my dad all the comments everyone wrote expressing their love, prayers and encouragement. We were told yesterday afternoon by the doctors they didn’t expect him to pull through.”

“Besides pneumonia, his blood pressure was soft. Meaning it was dangerously low, while machines were breathing for him. The doctors inserted an IV into his neck to administer medicine in attempt to raise his blood pressure. While my mom and I were there spending time and talking to him last night, we could tell he heard us.”

“Dad even opened his eyes looking at us a few times. Dads vitals started to improve, especially his blood pressure. Not a lot, but an improvement. Today i’m so happy to share the improvement continued throughout the night into today. He’s on a minimum dose of the meds through his neck and his blood pressure is slowly climbing in the right direction. The ventilator is turned down to the lowest setting for the fact my dad has started breathing on his own. They are even talking of taking the ventilator out today or tomorrow. Prayer and faith are so powerful! I want to thank you all for your prayers, love and support.”

The Elvis world was recently sadden by the passing of two long time Memphis Mafia members, Joe Esposito and Marty Lacker.

Our prayers and thoughts are with the West family.

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  1. I met Sonny Delbert West in 2005, on vacation with my kids and wife at the time. He commented that we had the same first names. I loved how he used the quote, “BLESS HIS HEART’ when speaking of Elvis or other people. I tried to stay in touch by giving him a business card. But my info changed later in California. I just received a letter back in the mail 2 weeks ago! Little did I know he had passed away. Damn, wanted to speak to him sooo badly again. I will try to send a letter to his Son, Bryan West. I would LOVE to meet him. And my prayers are with you and your Mother, Judy. It looks like the members of the “Memphis Mafia” are dying off, and Elvis had he lived would of been near all thier ages. It shows that we are loosing these guys and their stories. and the Elvis time frame is passing. Such is life.Was just in Memphis in April, 2017, and at Graceland. Am reading Jerry Schillings book now. Hes 78 years old everyone. He was 12 when he met E. Would like to meet him. I also had wanted to meet Lamar Fike. Gosh so hard to get away from work and life. Well, your with Elvis and some of the guys now Sonny. God BLESS you!!!! Bryan time for you to take over for yopur Dad and continue the storied of Elvis, try it Bryan. you can do it…. Dalton Meyers Jr, Norwalk, Calif.

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