Oink! Oink! Voters to decide on San Antonio pork in May election

San Antonio, Texas

Oink. Oink.

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“The last time I’ve seen so much pork around here was in San Marcos at the old Aquarina Springs with Ralph the Swimming Pig,” laughed Paul Grimes. “Oink. Oink. There’s a lot of pork in this one and the citizens of San Antonio need to be aware of it.”

Grimes was referring to the 2017-2022 bond package the San Antonio City Council unanimously approved in January. Is the fix in? Some buildings are being emptied even before proposed work has begun.

“I can’t endorse it. I am fed up with the amount of special interests and elite political taxpayer spending abuse going on. No way, will I vote for it this time around.”

Homeless in San Antonio.

Over 16 percent of San Antonio residents are below poverty level. Downtown and street intersections across the city having become regular solicitation spots for the homeless and forgotten veterans. Some of our roads are so bad a sinkhole swallowed a law enforcement officer in 2016.

With so many high priority needs, do we really need to build a $13 million bridge to allow deer to cross the street from one side of a city park to go to the other?

While proponents are praising that this is for streets, bridges and sidewalks; drainage and flood control; parks and recreation; and facilities,, a closer look shows reason to not approve it. Let them cut the tremendous amount of pork out and try again.

Why does Broadway Street need a $42 MILLION revitalization from downtown to Hildebrand? Perhaps it’s because of Mayor Ivy Taylor’s appointees of three chairs who prioritized projects, manage bond committees and organize community meetings. The chairs are Eddie Aldrete, senior vice president of IBC Bank, Carri Baker, chief of operations at law firm Linebarger Blair & Simpson, and Darryl Byrd, co-chair of SA Tomorrow.

Citizens in San Antonio are concerned about the political pork included in a 2017 bond package.

Byrd was CEO of the Pearl Brewery development until 2011 and has close ties with his former bosses at Silver Ventures (they own the Pearl).

The bond calls for a $26 million overhaul of Hemisfair BY OUT OF STATE COMPANIES, $20.5 million for a new police substation and park police headquarters.

The one that takes the cake is the proposed $13 million for a land bridge connecting the two halves of Hardberger Park. While I like Justice and former Phil Hardberger a great deal, this has nothing to do with him.

Let’s take care of the essentials. I vote NO on May 6.

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