Donald Trump gets high marks for first congressional address


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President Trump addresses Congress on Feb. 28, 2017.

“Like a soldier for truth, Donald Trump continues to march forward beating the odds stacked against him by the fierce might of mainstream media, political parties, and critics,” I wrote just after the first GOP presidential debate in 2015. “Yet, with several weeks of constant bashing and predictions he would soon lose his steam in the race for the Republican nomination for president, Trump’s momentum has risen.”

Fifteen months later and now President, he continues to conquer the same usual suspects. Calling for a “new chapter of American greatness,” Trump spoke before Congress for the first time Tuesday night and called for a major overhauling the health care system, significantly enhancing our military and veterans support, and budgeting $1 trillion into advancing a crumbling infrastructure.

Looking to the Democratic side of the chambers, he declared that “The time for small thinking is over.”

While the Left and many in Mainstream Media narrate a tale of failures, distractions and opposition, Trump continues forward just like he has the past year with his mission to “Make America Great Again.” In just over a month, he has cut through the media bull while moving into action to keep his promises. This refreshing spirit is music to the ears of millions. He is working hard to keep his pledges by quickly “Draining the Swamp,” getting rid of waste in government and taking on all challenges with vigor.

A quick look at Internet ratings give Trump very high marks for his speech. The emotional highlights included was the extensive and riveting applause for the widow of Chief Special Warrant Officer William “Ryan” Owens who was killed in a raid in Yemen a few days after Trump’s Inauguration. A graceful First Lady, Melania Trump sat with the widow of former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and families of American citizens killed by immigrants living in the U.S. illegally.

Trump countered some recent media reports with mentions that Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told him that Owens’ mission secured “large amounts of vital intelligence that will lead to many more victories in the future against our enemies.” He also emphasized his administration will be taking strong measures to protect the nation from “radical Islamic terrorism.” Defending his stance to replace Obamacare, Trump declared “mandating every American to buy government-approved health insurance was never the right solution for America.” His blueprint to Congress included priorities to ensure patients with pre-existing conditions have access to coverage, allow people to buy insurance across state lines and offering tax credits and expanded health savings accounts to help Americans purchase coverage.

Making an unswerving request for bipartisanship, Trump turned to Democrats and said, “Why not join forces to finally get the job done and get it done right?”

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