Proof that Mainstream Media has been hostile and inaccurate to Trump is strong

Most Mainstream Media reporting against Trump is overwhelming negative.

A new analysis by the Media Research Center (MRC) confirms how the major television news network continue with hostile reporting toward President Donald Trump through his first 30 days in office. The study on coverage on the president by ABC, CBS and NBC news revealed that it was 88 percent negative from January 20 through February 18.

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This coincides with their negative reporting tone against Trump being 91% during the presidential election campaign last year. The study found that 54 percent of all news coverage from these evening shows focused on Trump after his inauguration.

“This study focused on reporters and non-partisan talking heads, while omitting soundbites from identified partisans,” a briefing on the report from MRC indicated.

The Trump-related issues receiving the most coverage were:

  • The temporary ban on immigration from terrorist-infested countries without suitable vetting processes (188 minutes of coverage)
  • Other immigration issues such as the border wall, deportations, and sanctuary cities (62 minutes of coverage)
  • The scandal surrounding former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn (48 minutes)
  • The Trump administration’s relationship with Russia (44 minutes)
  • The nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court (32 minutes)

“The networks spent a total of 49 minutes on the confirmation battles surrounding Trump’s Cabinet picks, with Education Secretary Betsy Devos garnering the most airtime (17 minutes), followed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions (10 minutes) and failed Labor Secretary nominee Andrew Puzder (7 minutes). Combined, the networks spent less than one-tenth as much coverage (just over four minutes) on Senate Democrats’ calculated strategy of obstructing the confirmation process.”

“Further highlighting the hostile tone of these newscasts, nearly an hour of coverage (56 minutes) was given over to anti-Trump protests on various topics, with nearly one-fifth (82 out of 442) of the Trump stories or briefs aired during these 30 days including at least some discussion of an anti-Trump protest.”

This report adds strong credibility to the Mainstream Media bias and ‘fake news” charges against them. A list of ‘fake news’ from other major news sources also supports their biases against Trump:

When the left leaning Politico reported that a business overseen by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin had foreclosed on a 90-year-old woman because of her 27-cent payment error, the Competitive Enterprise Institute determined that there was no foreclosure and a different company was involved.

After CNN reported that Nancy Sinatra was “not happy” Trump’s first inaugural dance to her dad’s “My Way,” she twittered, “Why do you lie, CNN?”

The New York Times, followed by other news organizations, reported that on Inauguration Day, Trump’s team took climate change and references to LGBT off the White House website

Nancy Sinatra was angry about the CNN lie.

. But in reality, there was a broadcasted plan to shift the Obama website to a different site and that the Trump team would use a substitute skeleton site for the first few days.

Two major news reports were not accurate with their reporting of Trump’s speech in front of the CIA Memorial Wall. The Washington Post reported negatively about Trump giving the speech in front of the  “sacrosanct,” but did not bother to report Obama had done the same thing. CBS reported that the applause for Trump came from the first three rows of guests, stacked with Trump campaign and White House aides. In a humiliating response, Press Secretary Sean Spicer countered the inaccurate reports by revealing that no aides were in the first four rows, that they were standing in the back.

A Time magazine reporter tweeted that Trump removed the Martin Luther King Jr. bust from Oval office. The reporter soon had to correct the inaccurate tweet.

Many news reports came out that Trump was on a firing tirade among the top ranks of the government. These reports dishonestly did not indicate this was just a normal, routine process as most who left were Obama political hires who work for the pleasure of the president.

Trump was TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year in 2016.

Trump’s immigration order was blasted in the media for not targeting terror-sponsoring nations where the President had business interests. The reports were denied by the White House and the media did not show that these countries were the same targeted by former President Obama.

The AP reported that Donald Trump’s voter fraud expert was registered to vote in three states. He was registered in only one.

TMZ and BET reported that Trump had renamed “Black History Month” to “African American History Month.” What they did not report was that  former Presidents Clinton and Obama had used “National African American History” month too.

The New York Times, who placed a $2 million ad during the Super Bowl about truth, didn’t do their credibility much favor by report that Trump’s staff bumbles around in the dark in the Cabinet room because they can’t find the light switch and that Trump hangs out in the early evening in a bathrobe watching TV (Spicer said the president doesn’t own a bathrobe). They also reported that Trump had not talked with Chinese President Xi Jinping since Nov. 14, drawing an angry Trump tweet. The story published right after Trump had spoken with Xi.

Longtime Hillary Clinton advisor Sidney Blumenthal wrote an article in the London Review of Books about a racist political ad by Trump’s father. It was widely spread in mainstream media social accounts. It was a fake.

Most Mainstream Media reporting against Trump is overwhelming negative.

Reports said that a Muslim-American Olympic female athlete was detained at an airport under Trump’s immigration orders. She was briefly detained in December under former President Obama’s policies.

Most mainstream media reported that there was little or no voter fraud in the election. But a university analysis and separate poll indicated that 2 million “non-citizen” immigrants may have voted.

The Associated Press reported that Trump intended to mobilize the National Guard to remove illegal immigrants. White House called it “100 percent wrong.”

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