TRASH–Trivial Revelations of a Sick Human: Golf, March 2017

Lessons of life through golf.

Top 5 Golf Trivia

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Hole swallows ball on hole 18 one day. Next day tree comes down on hole 18. Photos by Jack Dennis

  1. Where is the longest golf course in the world?
  2. Where is the highest golf course in the world?
  3. Who has the most career hole-in-ones?
  4. Who had the most hole-in-ones in a single year?
  5. How long was the longest putt ever on tour?

(Answers below)

Golf mirrors life in many ways and that amuses me particularly because so many use it to take a break from ordinary everyday life.

Just the nature of golf stimulates us in several ways. It teaches wise players some things about making life simpler. Players, stressed from different triggers, go to the course daily to complete, but usually gain a fresh perspective. Many leave feeling recharged with greater zeal for life and for others.

The players who put too much focus on winning, and not enough emphasis on having fun, tend to burn out and can stay miserable. Like life, those who concentrate on having fun while achieving their goals smile and laugh more.

Ten years ago, pro golfer Larry Silveira walked into a local Laundromat to wash some garments during his stay at the Buick Invitational. After loading a washer with clothes, put some quarters into the slot, then pushed the button to turn it on. The washer remained silent. He checked to insure he put in enough coins. He tried again. Silence.

Did you know?

Outraged that the washer wouldn’t work, he slammed his fist into an adjacent dryer only to break a bone in his hand. Silveira was rendered unable to play for the next two months. Later, he found out the washer was free.

Silveira had some choices about this:

  1. He could remain angry.
  2. He could panic.
  3. Like many others, he could try dismissing it as just something that occurred…or in his mind, change the reality of what happened to preserve his ego.

Instead, it dawned on Silveira to use this down time to face the truth. He admitted the cause of his injury.

By telling what happened, he put the learning into play. Over time, and far better than a round of golf, Silveira’s truth has been communicated and placed into the minds of many as a positive example for things, like listening before we speak, thinking before we do, or understand before we judge.

“I don’t worry about the mistakes I just made,” a golfer told me this week. “There is no sense in being too hard on ourselves when it’s only a waste of time and takes the fun out of it all. The most important part of the game is the next play. The last one is already over.”

“Remember that no matter how much we practice, there’s always going to be an obstacle or something that is beyond our control that could change or interfere with our game,” the wise golfer added. “The true caliber of a golfer is measured on how well we can adapt to these situations. We can get mad, focus on the negative, blame others, or we can do what is best in life and just find a way to adapt and make things work out.”

Sometimes golf mirrors life. (Photo by Jack Dennis)


  1. Par 77 International Golf Club, Massachusetts at 8,325 yards.
  2. Tactu Golf Club, Peru. It starts at 14,335 feet above sea level.
  3. Harry Lee Bonner, from 1968 to 1985, made 68 hole-in-ones.
  4. Scott Palmer, in 1983, had 28 hole-in-ones.
  5. 375 feet.

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