2017 World Rock Stacking Champion and Llano Earth Art Fest is March 10-13

Llano Earth Art Festival (photo by LEAF)

LEAF 2017 (LEAF)

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Good folks looking for a good way to put some balance into their lives can get plenty as the Llano Earth Art Fest (LEAF) in Llano, Texas this weekend: March 10-13, 2017. Rock Stacking and balance is at the heart of the festival.

“One of the most ancient of human activities, it’s also one of man’s newest sports,” declares Terry ‘Tex’ Toler of Llano. “Rock Stacking and Balancing are a fun and natural way to engage with nature while exercising your body and your mind.  As the home of Enchanted Rock- the single greatest rock in the world- Llano, Texas is proud to host the 2017 Rock Stacking World Championship.

2017 Championship events include competitions for building the tallest rock stack, best rock balancer, best rock arch builder, and most artistic rock stack design.  While the competition is serious, the event is designed to be fun for the whole family. Competitors are encouraged to bring their cheering sections with them to make some noise.

Rack stacking fun (LEAF)

LEAF is a fun, eclectic and Texas way of celebrating nature and art, but also a place to learn and grow. LEAF offers an array of workshops that teach new skills, expand your horizons, and promote health and harmony.

Some will travel to the beautiful Texas Hill Country just for the “Free Flow on Llano VW Car Show” to view the classic Volkswagens on display. Others can’t wait for “The FASHION CIRCUS,” a two part event featuring thrift store garments, natural creations and upcycled dress and costumes.
  • “Part one features the original creations of registered participants. The creations can be anything from actual street wear, to festie fashions, to theatrical fantasy wear. This is great opportunity to showcase your talent to a live audience who will appreciate your style.”
  • “Part two of the FASHION CIRCUS is a participatory parade through the festival. Everyone who has on their festie fashion, whatever that may be, is invited to grab their tambourine, bongo, bubbles, and best friend and hop, skip, jump and dance through the festival grounds in a crazy FASHION CIRCUS PARADE!”

“The FASHION CIRCUS take place on Saturday March 11. Pack your craziest outfit and plan on joining in the fun!”

Fashion Circus (LEAF)

The Vibe Tribe crew has been an integral part of LEAF since its inception,” said Toler. “Whether it be creating outdoor dreamscapes, psychedelic stages, or cosmic playgrounds, The Vibe Tribe crew gives it their all and helps make LEAF into something amazing. This year, in addition to providing magical mayhem of both the aesthetic and personal sort, they are hosting and curating a community art gallery.”

There will be music, entertainment and vendor booths throughout the festival.

Llano is located about 70 miles northwest of Austin and less than two hours north of San Antonio.  The festival itself is held in Grenwelge Park, which is right next to the Llano River Bridge and is one block from the historic Llano Courthouse.

​ The Rockstacking Competitions are open to everyone and will be held on Saturday, March 11.


Artistic- 10am-4pm

Arches- 12pm

Balance- 2pm

Height & Jr. Height- 4pm

Vendors (LEAF)


Medicine Wheel with Cathy Young: “We will build a Medicine Wheel in the tradition of Native Americans and in the process learn its meaning and purpose. Medicine Wheels help draw good energy to the festival and help protect it. Constructing a Medicine Wheel helps people get in touch and tune with nature. We’ll collectively build ours on festival grounds as part of the opening activities for LEAF 2017. No supplies needed.”

​Foundations of Stone Sculpture with Dean Reganess, Plarn Please (plastic bag ‘yarning’) with Jan Shapland, Yurt Basics with Debra Mastenbrook, Hill Country Permaculture with Rick Wright, Identification of Native Plants with Fred Reyna, and Joy on the Djembe – Intro to West African Rhythm with Mae Stoll.

Fashion Fun. (LEAF)

Branch Weaving Craft Bar with Anna Teixeira, Transformational Gong with Anne Marie, and more.SATURDAY

Safety at the Llano Earth Art Fest and the Rock Stacking World Championship are of paramount importance.  Any competition involving moving and stacking rocks will have inherent dangers.  All competitors in the Rock Stacking World Championship must sign a waiver before they will be allowed to compete.  The waiver can be downloaded from our website or you can sign a waiver at the competition.

Rock stack. (LEAF)

​The Rock Stacking Competition events are open to anyone aged 8 or older.  Any competitor under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign their waiver before they will be allowed to compete.  The competitions for Balance, Arches, and Artistic/Freestyle are open to any competitor 8 years old and up.  Due to the inherent advantages held by adults in both height and strength, the Height Competition will have a Junior category, open to competitors ages 8-13.


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