From death to diamonds–how to spend eternity as a precious jewel

Blue Diamond

Forget the cemetery. How about spending eternity dangling from someone’s ear, hanging around a beloved one’s neck, or adorning the finger of your favorite great, great, great, great, great, great granddaughter?

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For less than the price of a coffin, limousine service, and graveyard plot, you can now have your cherished remains converted into a stunning, elegant, and indestructible diamond.

Algordanza, a term meaning “remembrance” in the western Swiss region language of Romansch, is also the name of an uncommon style of funeral home established in the charming town of Domat-Ems, Switzerland. Algordanza USA is now located in America. 

Owner Rinaldo Willy is the man you want to call to turn your body into a “memorial diamond.”

“The highly complex process of creating a memorial diamond is the outcome of our efforts to produce something imperishable,” Willy said. “A peaceful alternative for relatives wishing for a more personal commemoration. The dignity of the deceased is the maxim we act on.”

Shapes you can be.

Willy’s business charges start at $2,999 depending how big of a diamond you desire to be, to convert your ashes with extremely high pressure and over 2,732 degrees.

Essentially Willy’s team treats ashes with chemical agents that extract all the carbon from them. The high temperatures transfigure the carbon into graphite, which is put into a machine that actually reproduces the conditions that are set in the depths of Earth, where natural diamonds form over thousands of years.

Business is growing. Currently about 850 previous-people are sent to the Algordanza laboratory to materialize months later in a “noble box” as a 1 to 1.6 carat treasurable gem.

Colors range from crystal-clear to almost black, but you can’t pick your color. Depending on the boran and other make-up traces in your body, each individual “changes into a different and unique diamond, ranging from crystal-clear to almost black,” says Willy.

Each former-body-now-diamond comes complete with a certificate of authenticity, and for a surcharge, can be laser inscribed to always identify you in the event you become lost, stolen, or a future great, grandnephew forgets who you are (or were).


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