All Seasons offers spring time tips for perfect lawns and grounds care

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“San Antonio has enjoyed almost eight inches of rainfall this year to date,” Brenton Weaver, owner of All Seasons Grounds Care said. “The normal is usually less than five inches by the end of March.  To take advantage of this benefit, it’s important to home and business owners take special care of their lawns.”

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Spring time blooms. (Photo by Jack Dennis)

Weaver said good lawn care and grounds keeping begins with considering the soil, type of grass and unique environmental conditions of each location.

“Lawns and locations are not the same in San Antonio,” he said. “Each is unique depending on a variety of things like the type of grass, soil, slope, shade, and even location in the area. It is critical to tailor the maintenance and schedule for each lawn and garden according to its compatibility with the local conditions and drought-resistance.”

“Having the perfect lawn means so much more than just cutting the grass,” he added. “It takes proper regular watering, fertilization, weeding, and animal pest control to ensure that your landscape is green and fresh all year ’round, especially with San Antonio’s temperamental climate.”

“If you have Buffalo grass for instance, you don’t have to water it as much, but you certainly have to maintain weed control,” Weaver observes. “The weed control requires knowledgeable use of pre-emergent herbicides. This type of grass is better in the western parts of San Antonio because we experience lower rainfall here.”

“It is important to preserve and protect our environment.”

“We see a good deal of Bermuda grass of course and it requires more frequent cuts and at lower heights,” he added. “Bermuda tolerates traffic well if it is taken care of properly. Although it goes dormant during droughts, it will come back strong if it’s in full sun conditions.”

Bermuda grass seed is considered “common Bermuda” but there are selections such as Cheyenne and Sahara that are improved varieties selected for superior color and finer blades. They are at least three times more expensive than the regular seed.

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Zoysia grass has some of the same characteristics of Bermuda grass and has better shade tolerance. Weaver says zoysia grass is “tighter” than Bermuda or Buffalo and better at resisting weeds. Many of All Seasons clients have zoysia grass because it is a hard variety to care for.

“Zoysia is tough,” Weaver said. “Especially if you are trying to mow it with your common lawnmower. We use very sharp rotary and reel blades to get the best results.”

“Many lawns in San Antonio consist of St. Augustine grass. It grows fast, is shade tolerant and fairly easy to mow. But the problems most homeowners face is due to the fact that it is not really adaptable to San Antonio as far as our alkaline soil and water conditions. They experience the most disease, insects damage and iron chlorosis. If you are going to have St. Augustine, I recommend the Floratam variety, especially in San Antonio where we have chinch bugs and brown patch fungus.”


When asked how does one have a perfect lawn with San Antonio conditions, Weaver smiled and scratched his head.

“The key to what you are asking is ‘perfect’ lawn,” Weaver replied. “The absolute best way is to use research-proven techniques that we know are successful. It is important to preserve and protect our environment. Our best methods include composting to improve maintain soil, proper mowing, effective irrigation methods that conserve water and using plant materials that are less susceptible to insects and diseases.”

Brenton, Karen and Paxton Weaver.


Weaver said All Seasons Grounds Care is going into the busy seasons and recommends a spring schedule with emphasis on:


“It’s not too late, but it is critical to apply a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent sandburs and soil insecticide, especially if you have experienced grubs and chinch bugs in the past. Mowing and other spring time work begins.”


“Mowing is serious business in San Antonio in April. Schedule it now.” He recommends these schedules:  St. Augustine at to 3 inches tall, Bermuda to 1.5 inches, Zoysia to 2 inches tall and Buffalo grass to 5 inches. Mow frequently enough that only one-third of the grass blade is removed at every mowing. Once per week is usually sufficient.

“It’s also time for pruning various trees and bushes, especially fruit trees.  It’s good to control height to better reach and harvest the fruit. It’s good to plant potatoes now and it is the last chance to plant cool weather vegetables such as onions, lettuce, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, kale and beets. Preparing the soil is key. Snapdragons stocks, petunias and other cool-weather annuals will begin their spring bloom period soon. Pansies and cyclamen will continue their bloom. After we have mowed the lawn two times, it is time to fertilize the lawn. We use slow-release lawn fertilizer.”


“We endorse weekly watering based on SAWS (San Antonio Water Systems) recommendations.  It is important to keep the lawn mowed to reduce the amount of weeds that will come out in the winter.”


“June is when we apply the second application of pre-emergent herbicide to prevent sandburs. We also apply a soil insecticide to keep the grubs and bugs away.”

All Seasons Ground Care serves the greater San Antonio area. They can be reached at (210) 286-2252. Click their website here. 

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