Doctor seeks help from HHS Secretary Price for 71-year-old patient

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HHS Secretary Tom Price (White House photo)

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President Donald Trump and Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price have been making appearances on behalf of the new American Health Care Act that is coming up for a Congressional House vote Thursday. Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan are backing the legislation that will reduce regulatory constraints and excessive litigation that contributes to higher health care costs. Price told anchor Jake Tapper.

“The plan in its entirety is the one that the President has ensured the American people every single American will have access to affordable coverage that works for them,” Price said on CNN today.

Dr. Kristin S. Held, M.D. (Photo by Stone Oak Ophthalmology)

Prominent eye surgeon Dr. Kristin S. Held is watching the revealing of the new plan closely. She was one of the first physicians to speak out against the federal government takeover of medicine and healthcare under Obamacare. Other doctors followed when they experienced significant detriment to patient’s connections with their physicians and the movement toward a harmful single-payer system in the United States.

The Texas physician announced that in October 2015, she would “no longer be able to submit bills for my services to my patients to private insurance companies or Medicare” because she refused “to implement and comply with their insane, nonsensical, requirements.”

The San Antonio doctor wrote to Secretary Price on March 19, 2017 about patient who has yet to be reimbursed by his insurance issuer seven months after his surgery.

“Patients and physicians are acting in good faith,” Dr. Held said. “Insurance companies cuddling in bed with big government are preying on our calling and goodwill, as they laugh all the way to the bank operating per a business model that combines the ineptness of the Three Stooges and moral code of a sponge.”

Dr. Held is asking for help with a 71-year-old patient and a “serious matter where government healthcare law and commercial insurance company practice collide once again to harm my patient. Ironically, we have come to the point where the patient, for whom healthcare laws and insurance companies were created, is now the last one helped and first one hurt.”

The doctor successfully performed laser surgery on the patient who “suffered from decreased vision due to cataracts in both eyes. He has had 5 cardiac stents placed and is on blood thinners.” After the placement of toric intraocular lens in each of his eyes he now sees 20/20 in each eye without glasses.

Dr. Held’s office is in San Antonio, Texas. (Stone Oak Ophthalmology)

“His suffering has been alleviated, his quality of life improved, and his ability to perform his activities of daily living with continued independence markedly enhanced,” Held wrote. “Sadly, (the) health insurance company refuses to cover the cost of my surgical fee in what could potentially be construed as a pattern of misrepresentation and errant billing.”

Dr. Held stated the insurance company “willingly takes money from the patient and federal government but then fails to fulfill its agreements to pay negotiated rates to those whose services they advertise to sell…This could be perceived as a violation of the false claims act, breach of contract, as well as flagrant theft.”

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  1. Imagine a doctor pointing a finger at big government for colliding with big insurance. What a joke!

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