Flash! San Antonio mayoral candidate Manuel Medina to receive two major endorsements Tuesday

Manuel Medina is uniting San Antonio with his run for mayor. (J. Dennis)

Pending announcements in front of City Hall are expected to rock San Antonio politics today.

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Manuel Medina, candidate for mayor in San Antonio will meet in front of City Hall at 10:00 am to receive powerful endorsements from two major political influences in the community.

Sources tell News Legit the endorsements will come from San Antonio Firefighters and some prominent members of the local Tea Party movement. This is especially significant in that it demonstrates Medina’s ability to gather support from diverse and varying entities.

Manuel Medina continues to gather support from all directions, both politically and regionally. (Genevieve Trinidad)

“I will unite Democrats and Republicans and challenge the corrupt political culture at City Hall,” Medina said as he spoke recently about a coalition of citizens and groups who have united for his cause.  “Together, we represent independent leadership.  Together, we represent transparent Leadership.  Together, we will find solutions to problems that have plagued our City far too long:  Generational poverty on the Westside, institutional violence on the Eastside, nightmare traffic on the Northside, and neglected infrastructure on the Southside.

Three stout examples of the “Left-Right-Middle diversity” in Medina’s movement to rid corruption in local politics are endorsements from three very different, but prominent leaders:

  1. Former District 10 Councilman Carlton Soules, a conservative Republican, is on Medina’s team.
  2. George Rodriguez, a prominent Hispanic conservative, syndicated writer, and leader in the Tea Party is on board for Medina. As a Ronald Reagan and George H. Bush appointee, Rodriguez worked with the Department of Justice in community relations and immigration outreach.
  3. Luis Roberto Vera, Jr., prominent San Antonio attorney and the national general counsel for League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC).

Medina’s decision to run for mayor is refreshing to citizens disgusted with politics and the waste of taxpayer’s money.  At stake on the May 6 ballot (early voting starts April 24) is also the most costly bond election in San Antonio history. Citizens, who have experienced the wasteful results of previous bond elections, are just beginning to learn about the political pork spending planned in this one.

Correction: The Tea Party does not endorse candidates. Some of the individuals mentioned have been leading members the local Tea Party movement in San Antonio. 

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