Conservatives and liberals unite with powerful endorsements for mayoral candidate Medina

Manuel Medina enjoys support across the board from liberals to conservatives.

In a shocking revelation to the San Antonio political status quo, several major endorsements were announced today at City Hall in favor of mayoral candidate Manuel Medina. Leaders from the San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association (SAPFA) and local Tea Party leaders declared their formal support for Medina on the front steps of the building.

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“I thought I was seeing a Donald Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ campaign with this army of red caps,” said one onlooker, William Barton, who was riding a bicycle near City Hall when he noticed the crowd and television news cameras. “I heard everyone chanting ‘New Year, New Mayor” so I had to come check it out. They are all so full of gusto that it’s not hard to get caught up in the enthusiasm.”

“I mean there are Democrats and Republicans here supporting this man together,” Barton observed. “What is that all about?”

Christopher Steele, President of San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association embraces Manuel Medina (right) after giving their formal endorsement to the candidate for mayor. March 21, 2017 on the steps of City Hall (Photo by Jack Dennis)

Why is the SAPFA endorsing Medina?

“We live here too. We have families,” said Rudy Morales, Legislative Director for SAPFA. “We are tired of the lawsuits from the City. We have not had a city contract in three years because of the obstacles and roadblocks set up by (current Mayor) Ivy Taylor and (City Manager) Sheryl Sculley. We they sue us they are suing our families. Manuel Medina is going to put law enforcement and fire safety first.”

It was noted several times during the event that Sculley “earns more than the President of the United States and Governor of the State of Texas combined.” Not including her incentive pay of up to $100,000 annually, Sculley’s 2016 salary was $425,000. In 2017 she is due to earn $450,000 and scheduled for $475,000 in 2018.

Christopher Steele, SAPFA President, told NEWSLEGIT that his organization waited to give an endorsement until now because “we knew there was change needed. But we needed time to get to know Manuel Medina. We did our due diligence. We had to do the proper vetting. We even went to Medina naysayers and talked with them.”

“We are not just a line item on a budget. We are people.” 

“We put our lives on the line every day for the citizens of San Antonio,” Steele continued. “We are not just a line item on a budget. We are people. The current city leaders don’t see that. Their priorities are not with fire and police or our streets. Manuel Medina will focus on the essentials and make San Antonio better.”

During his announcement Steele told the media of a recent report by Dallas Fire-Rescue Chief David Coatney that shows their department is understaffed “with 40 full-time ambulances. San Antonio is larger than Dallas and we only have 34 ambulances.”

Two prominent leaders of the local Tea Party, George Rodriguez and Jeff Judson, also gave endorsements to Medina.

George Rodriguez, Tea Party (center), Christopher Steele, President of the San Antonio Firefighters association (right) endorse Manuel Medina (left) for Mayor of San Antonio on March 21, 2017 on the steps of City Hall. (Photo by Jack Dennis)

“You might be asking, why is a conservative here for Manuel Medina,” Rodriguez told the crowd. “Because he has been responsive. He has sat down and listened to people. What we have in San Antonio is not Democrat and Republican issues. It’s about the power players with the elite politicians and their special interests downtown.”

“The first role of local, state and federal government is to protect the citizens.”

“The first role of local, state and federal government is to protect the citizens,” Rodriguez continued. “The current city leaders have replaced these essential priorities with wasteful spending at the taxpayer’s expense. If Zachary wants a million dollar sculpture at the Convention Center, then let them buy it. If Henry Cisneros wants to spend millions of dollars on downtown interests, then let him and Mr. Frost get together and pay for it…meanwhile the elderly and disabled can’t even venture out on our sidewalks.”

It was recently revealed that Liquid Crystal  a new sculpture located at the Convention Center and referred to as “Cheese Grater” by locals, was purchased by the City according to this breakdown:

  • London-based artist Jason Bruges (design, fabrication, installation): $987,500
  • Local firm Zachry (foundation for sculpture): $37,188
  • Local firm Marmon Mok (additional design services): $27,766
  • Local firm CalTex (installation of base and steel frame): $21,225
  • Total: $1,073,679

Jeff Judson, also a prominent local conservative leader, said that when he served on the city council of Olmos Park, “we worked on the essentials like police, fire, streets and garbage. Our neighbors counted on us to keep them safe. We didn’t get distracted by things that don’t matter. We look at what San Antonio leaders want to do with that new bond and all we see is that it is full of distractions from our real needs and loaded with a lard barrel of pork projects.”

Manuel Medina thanks conservative leader Jeff Judson for his support on the steps of San Antonio City Hall on March 21, 2017. (Photo by Jack Dennis)

Manuel Medina will not waste our money,” Judson said. “He is against it because of the pork and distractions. He will shave this bond down so the citizens can vote on it again with just the essentials that will help and protect our families.”

Medina, appreciative of the turnout and support told the firefighters that when he is elected he will replace Sculley and make sure to fund “10 sub-stations, 10 fire engines, and 15 ambulances” rather than waste taxpayer money on pork projects. “We will have the best paid firefighters with the best health coverage in the State of Texas.”

“You are not going to be their political pawns or line items in a budget,” he continued. “On May 6 you will have a new mayor. On May 7 you will have a new city manager. On May 8th you will finally have a new contract.”

Manuel Medina is running to be the new Mayor of San Antonio, Texas. (Photo by Jack Dennis)

“I will unite Democrats and Republicans and challenge the corrupt political culture at City Hall,” Medina said as he spoke recently about a coalition of citizens and groups who have united for his cause.  “Together, we represent independent leadership.  Together, we represent transparent Leadership.  Together, we will find solutions to problems that have plagued our City far too long:  Generational poverty on the Westside, institutional violence on the Eastside, nightmare traffic on the Northside, and neglected infrastructure on the Southside.”

Conservative leader Jeff Judson and LULAC General Counsel and Attorney Luis R. Vera, Jr. share a bench in front of City Hall. Both conservatives and liberals have formally endorsed Medina for mayor of San Antonio. (Photo by Jack Dennis)

Joe Carrillo, Chairman of the San Antonio Fire and Police Officers Pension Association and attorney Stanley Bernstein were also on hand to show support. Bernstein has been representing police and firefighters in legal matters for 38 years.

Conservative leader Jeff Judson tries on his Medina for Mayor cap. “It looks like a ‘Make America Great Again” cap from a distance,” quipped one on-looker. (Photo by Jack Dennis)

Rudy Morales, Legislative Director for San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association with Manuel Medina. (Photo by Jack Dennis)

Manuel Medina has the support of the San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association at City Hall. (Photo by Jack Dennis)


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