San Antonio Firefighters released statement endorsing Manuel Medina for Mayor

manuel medina

Manuel Medina sports a ‘thumbs up’ for the support from San Antonio Firefighter. (Photo by Jack Dennis)

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A statement released by the San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association today endorsed Manuel Medina:

The San Antonio Professional Firefighters have after an extensive interview process endorsed Manuel Medina for the mayor of San Antonio. As we listened to Manuel Medina speak we heard time and time again his desire to cut the wasteful spending we have opposed for years, plus an unwavering support of firefighters.

Many of those surrounding him worked years ago to insure the people of San Antonio had a vote when it came to the streetcar. Manuel Medina has come out in support of SB2, which once again gives people the right to vote on an issue as important as the taxes they pay. With that said it only makes sense that firefighters back the candidate who is supporting your right to vote and working to insure proper resources exist to keep you safe.

As we talked with Manuel Medina we began to see that he not only knew the issues this city faced, he grasped ways to handle them. We have waited years to find a mayoral candidate that was concerned and ready to act on the ambulance shortage in our city. We have waited for a candidate willing to step up and lead, not back down time after time to the city manager. We have looked for a candidate who put the citizen’s needs above their own personal wants and desires. A candidate not beholden to the special interests, and thus centered on keeping you safe. After finding those things we are proud to endorse Manuel Medina for the Mayor of San Antonio.


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