Texas remains #1 in job creation as Gov. Abbott visits President Trump at White House

Greg Abbott and Donald Trump (White House video image)

When Texas Governor Greg Abbott visited President Donald J. Trump at the White House Friday, some media naysayers suggested it was just a “photo opportunity.” But what they didn’t mention was that Abbott brought Charter Communications Chair and CEO Tom Rutledge along to announce Charter’s commitment to bring thousands of jobs back to America from overseas.

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Rutledge said Charter will open a new Spanish-language call center in McAllen, TX.  The President was happy to hear that this is a $17 million investment that will eventually employ more than 600 Texans. Combined with a recently opened call center in San Antonio, the two locations will support more than 800 Texas-based jobs when fully staffed.

Rutledge also announced his plan to hire 20,000 American workers over the next four years with a $25 billion investment in the future. Rutledge says that the company will return the call center jobs acquired through Time Warner Cable to the United States.

Texas is number one in job creation in the United States. (NEWSLEGIT)

“Texas is number one in the nation for job creation because of the pro-business climate that we have,” Abbott said. “We have the right workforce to take care of the needs like Charter Communications. This is a win-win. It’s a win for the president, it’s a win for Charter, it’s a win for the great state of Texas.”

“We’re raising a new economic model, the American model,” Trump said. “We’re going to massively eliminate job-killing regulations, that has started already big-league, reduce government burdens and reduce taxes that are crushing American businesses and American workers all over this country.”

“I was proud to join in today’s announcement, and I thank the President and Charter Communications for their commitment to bring jobs back to America, creating hundreds of jobs for hardworking Texans in the process,” said Governor Abbott. “The Rio Grande Valley has always been a vital part of the Texas economy, and this new facility is a testament to the high-quality workforce in McAllen. As Governor, I will continue to work with the Trump administration and all partners to promote policies that create jobs and spur a new chapter in American economic growth.”

“With the opening of our first bilingual call center in McAllen, Texas we’re adding 600 good paying jobs to the Rio Grande Valley and providing a better experience for our Spanish-speaking customers across the country, most of whom previously would have had their calls routed to centers located outside the United States,” said Tom Rutledge, Chair and CEO of Charter Communications. “By bringing these jobs to McAllen, we’re strengthening the South Texas economy, and getting closer to Charter’s goal of hiring 20,000 employees in the next four years.”

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