‘We’re lucky no one has died’ in the Texas high school boys athletics sex abuse case

La Vernia, Texas Tower (Photo by Jack Dennis)

“We’re lucky no one has died,” said a credible source (#1) close to the investigations of the sexual abuse hazing scandals of the La Vernia High School. “Some of the acts committed on these boys were unbearably dangerous and brutal. This case goes beyond just the high school.”

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News Legit has confirmed Robert Olivares and Dustin Norman, both 18, were arrested at the school on Monday. They were booked into Wilson County Jail.

La Vernia High School

In total, nine male students from the varsity football, basketball and baseball teams of the school have been arrested and charged with sexual assault of at least ten students. Some of the alleged crimes were committed in the boy’s athletic locker room. More victims have come forward in the small community 30 miles southeast of San Antonio, Texas. Seven juvenile students were arrested last week in what some termed as a “hazing” scandal. Information culled from the victims and their families has broadened the investigation with allegations going back previous years. NEWS LEGIT will not post the names of the juveniles.

Victims said they went to coaches, the school administration…

The second source (#2) confirmed an investigation involving an 8th grade female student at the Junior High is part of the scope of the case. Parents and victims are being urged to contact the La Vernia Police Department to aid in their investigations and to provide direction for counseling and services needed. Some of the victims and their family members have contacted NEWS LEGIT’s Jack Dennis to offer information. Dennis is referring them to La Vernia police.

In at least two instances, victims said they went to the coaches, the school administration and “even to the superintendent” during previous years but no action was taken.

“They wanted to protect the football program,” a former student, now in college, who checked out LVISD to be homeschooled said. “They (school officials) were told but those coaches and the football team were obviously more important than I was to them. Now look what happened. It just continues and more of us are hurt.”

La Vernia, TX (Jack Dennis)

The father of another alleged victim said he has talked with other parents who have “concerns that the school district and D.A.’s office will try to cover this up because they are all well connected. We are going to ask for an independent investigation from the Attorney General’s office because some of the judges and politicians around here are just too close. They know the families and these guys that did it. Even though they are juveniles, that doesn’t give anyone the right or privilege to sweep this under the rug. They had better not even think about it. Not here. Not now. Not ever.”

Something is very wrong here if our children are being molested under the supervision of the school district.

“The case is so big and it’s not going away,” source #1 who will remain anonymous said. “Texas Rangers have been involved and it looks like it’s getting bigger as more people and victims come forward, some who have already graduated. It is important that victims talk to the police as they continue to gather facts.”

La Vernia Police Sergeant and chief investigator on the case, Donald Keil is asking for any parents of other victims to contact him at (830) 779-2113 or send him an email at dkeillvpd@lavernia-TX.gov.

“When you send your children to school, you expect them to enjoy traditional rituals like getting senior rings or going to a prom,” said one angry La Vernia mother. “We don’t expect them to be raped. Something is very wrong here if our children are being molested under the supervision of the school district. Everyone is hearing about a rape in the bathroom of the junior high and now we hear this. Parents should have been told. We have a right to know. This school district owes us answers.”

According to someone familiar (source #3) with the junior high case, no one was raped, but “there was sexual molestation.”

The first source (#1) confirmed the concerns of parents and students “are legitimate and some of this is not rumor. They did brutally insert things like a pipe, baseball bat and other items up their rectums.”

School district sources indicate they are working with the district attorney’s office to determine how to handle the juveniles arrested. This could include “sending them to an alternative school” or expelling them. The athletic programs of 2015 through 2017 academic school years have been affected.

A separate source (#4), also close to the investigation, who asked to remain anonymous told NEWS LEGIT that “I will say this… people are speculating that all of this happened at the school and that is not necessarily true.”

“Until the investigation is complete and more information can be shared, people really need to refrain from making assumptions and speculations,” the source (#4) said. “There’s a lot of finger pointing and accusations about who is responsible. Those things are all very irresponsible actions.”

“They tortured him like he was an animal. They stuck things up his butt.”

A mother of one of the victims who asked not to be publicly identified contacted NEWS LEGIT’s Jack Dennis Friday “because I don’t want these punks to get away with this. They held (her son) down, ridiculed him. They tortured him like he was an animal. They stuck things up his butt. These bastards had been doing it to others too. It was like a game. I can’t tell you how hurt we are. He will never be the same. It was senseless. Where were the coaches? It was like a mob attack.”

Local news outlets reported that a mother of a victim described the sexual assault on her son:

“Kids were holding them down in the locker rooms, there was a lookout at the door watching for coaches not to come. They hold them down and stick various items up their rectum… including coke bottles, deodorant bottles, steel pipes, baseball bats and broom sticks.”

“These kind of accusations are the easiest to make and the most difficult to defend,” said San Antonio criminal attorney Luis Roberto Vera, Jr. Monday. Vera has successfully defended many sexual abuse cases in Texas and across the country. “It’s the only crime you can be accused of and people automatically think you are guilty and look down on you. It’s easy to accuse and you have a bad stigma placed on you. But unfortunately people will jump to conclusions.”

“Some of these boys may be completely innocent, but not many will give them the benefit of a doubt,” Vera said.

Superintendent José H. Moreno, who has limited his correspondence to social media announcements, released this following statement to the media this afternoon:

“As you know, La Vernia ISD has been faced with a very difficult situation involving allegations made against and the arrests of a number of students at the District. It has been very challenging to balance and respect the rights of all involved, but that is what the District is tasked with doing. I want to make sure everyone knows that as soon as the District was informed of the arrests, our campus administrators took immediate and appropriate action; however, because of federal law protecting the confidentiality of student information, I cannot tell you what disciplinary actions have been or will be taken. In addition, we have been requested by law enforcement officials to not investigate the allegations until after they have completed theirs, and the District is complying with that request, and is taking action in accordance with the District’s Student Code of Conduct based upon the information provided by law enforcement officials to date. District personnel are fully cooperating with and assisting the La Vernia Police Department, and will continue to do so throughout their investigation into the allegations. La Vernia ISD is and will always be committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment for all of our students, and has dealt with this situation with that commitment in mind.” -José H. Moreno, Ed.D.

Attorney Luis R Vera Jr

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  1. Schools like to protect their football players or any other teams. I had the same problem in Kingsville, Tx, my daughter was assaulted during the day at Memorial Middle school and the vice principal had the nerve to say boys will be boys. I had to go to the police my self.

  2. Put all of them in jail . Bastards they’re criminals and criminals belong in prison don’t feel sorry for them no way feel sorry for the victims.i don’t care if they are 15 years old .The victims have to live with this for the rest of there Life .

  3. this isn’t hazing, it is torture.
    and it is heartbreaking.
    i pray the victims are brave enough to look this evil in the eye for what it is and not let it define them.
    i pray they find peace and courage to pursue their dreams, make a life for themselves and leave the trash of this in their past.
    and i pray that this tragedy gets enough coverage that people everywhere are made aware so that this does not happen ever again.

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