Opinion on Polls- What’s the best way to make Mainstream Media mad?

Mainstream Media

What’s the best way to make mainstream media (MSM) mad?

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Tell them the truth–The Fake News says their fake news is real.

But more Americans are catching on as the elite media continues to paint themselves into a corner. Their polls, and their reporting of the polls, emphasize President Trump’s favor-ability ratings as weak. But what they fail to acknowledge is that despite their reporting and their polls, Trump was elected to the White House. Americans don’t need a poll to know that.

Mainstream Media struggles with biased news.

What are we not hearing from the MSM?

As of April 1, 2017, the MSM has a 36 percent favorable rating and a 51 percent unfavorable rating. Over half of voting Americans disapprove of their reporting. More than one in three agree that the media is an “enemy of the American people,” with 42 percent saying the MSM is unfair and biased against Trump.

Forty-six percent of Americans think the country is headed in the right direction. That’s a 12-point swing since last December.  The same number think his policies so far have been good.

An NBC News/SurveyMonkey poll this week found that 54% of Americans thought Senate Democrats should allow a vote on Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court Justice, while only 37% were in favor of liberal lawmakers blocking the nominee. 84% of Republicans and 54% of independents supported a fair up or down vote for Gorsuch, while only 31% of Democrats did.

Just 6 percent of people say they have a lot of confidence in the media, putting the news industry about equal to Congress and well below the public’s view of other institutions. Nearly 90 percent of Americans say it’s extremely or very important that the media get their facts correct, according to the study. About 4 in 10 say they can remember a specific incident that eroded their confidence in the media, most often one that dealt with accuracy or a perception that it was one-sided. –Associated Press, 2016

  • Congress only has a 26 percent favorability rating compared to a 52 percent unfavorable.
  • The Republican Party has a 37 percent favorable rating.
  • The Democrats similarly have a 36 percent favorable rating.
  • Former Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton holds a 32 percent favorable rating.


Now here is where the MSM continues to miss the mark, just like they did in the November 2016 elections. Americans who live in urban, university or minority cities give Trump a 29 percent approval rating (NBC/Wall Street Journal poll). He has a 35 percent approval in those suburbs.

News sources.

In my opinion, most journalists are accurate reporters. They report factual information. But the big failure of many journalists, news directors, members of the permanent establishment and news pundits (on both sides) is that there is great bias in what priorities they choose for their listeners, viewers and readers. The second huge mistake is their deception by omission. They are not reporting the news their base viewers and readers want to know. They are reporting what THEY want them to know. They are driving their audiences away to the point that there is an enormous and growing political class that is not only going elsewhere for their news, but are publicly and privately ridiculing them.

As was made fully evident this past election, there is absolutely no integrity whatsoever in the journalistic field. There are only people with agendas and people who whore themselves out for people with agendas. That’s it. You may find a few honest souls on the conservative side of the media apparatus, but in large part, journalism is like a Vegas brothel.” –Brandon Smith, Alt-Market.com

It’s so bad that the line between true journalism and Hollywood elitism has crumbled:

  • “Historians in the near future will mark today, March 28, 2017, as the day the extinction of human life on earth began, thanks 2 Donald Trump.” — March 28 tweet from filmmaker Michael Moore.

    Michael Moore


  • “It’s so horrific and so horrendous. Just when you thought it was safe to stop talking about Trump he unleashes his budget on us. He wants to cut clean water. He wants to stop helping old people and public education so we can all be as dumb as he is!…A lot of Trump voters need to start reading the New York Times and see what he’s doing to you, okay?” — Co-host Joy Behar on ABC’s The View, March 17.


  • “These Repub voters hate Obama so much they’d rather die of disease than be kept alive by a plan that bears his name. That some deep —- !”… “How can the GOP possibly sell this to ppl with a single working brain cell unless their minds are clouded by partisan hatred?!…”…“Allow me to repeat: This ‘president’ is a parasite!” — New York Times columnist Charles Blow in March 13 tweets.


  • “While you can’t blame our new president for loving ‘the poorly educated’ who gave him that blank check, the rest of us are entitled to abstain, wrote New York Magazine’s Frank Rich. “If we are free to loathe Trump, we are free to loathe his most loyal voters, who have put the rest of us at risk.”

    Al Franken as Stuart Smalley

Such dirty digs and put-downs of MSM, Hollywood and Academia towards millions of Americans beliefs and intellects pushed many independent voters and former Democratic Party voters toward Donald Trump last year.  To make matters worse, unreasonable interpretations continue to spill from the mouths of people like Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer and former Saturday Night Live comedian Al Franken, but MSM defends them.

“And are these the same liberal lying polls that said He would Lose. Everyone I know is pleased and happy with Trump so I don’t put much stock in any of those polls of the lying media.” –Matthew Gazda

CNN was referred to as the “Clinton News Network” during the 2016 presidential election campaigns.

In an article from CNN today, they acknowledge Schumer is standing against the Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court Justice confirmation this week despite the threat of the senate “nuclear option.” Why? Because  “Schumer will criss-cross the country raising barrels of cash…He will raise the specter of the evil Donald Trump packing the court with heartless conservatives who will crush progressive initiatives for the next 20 years. He will urge the wealthiest members of the Democratic base to give early and give often to avoid Trump Armageddon. In the end, if Schumer plays the nuclear option correctly, he may turn potential disaster into his opportunity to become the most powerful and influential Senate majority leader since Lyndon Johnson.”

But working-class America sees CNN and much of the MSM as having misguided focus on the polls that don’t reflect their anti-establishment sentiment. Many Baby-Boomer and Generation-X Democrats are turning away. It’s not so much the policies of the Republican Party that are attracting them as it is Trump’s concentration on draining the swamp of corrupt and tired politics. The sad thing is that most members of the MSM who will read this are most likely rejecting the voices of their customers too, unless of course their customers are part of their echo chamber hold outs.

“If you’re a member of Congress, national numbers are meaningless,” said Doug Heye, a Republican strategist and a former senior House leadership adviser.

One social media thread I read this morning captures the sentiment well:

“And are these the same liberal lying polls that said He would Lose. Everyone I know is pleased and happy with Trump so I don’t put much stock in any of those polls of the lying media.” –Matthew Gazda

“Yeah, I believe those polls just like I did when Trump was running for election and they had him behind the whole time.” –Dave Harris

“The Democrats are trying to keep a Black cloud over the Trump presidency for 4 yrs. Their rhetoric and innuendo is repeated 24/7 by the liberal media.” –Don Williams

“I know. Just watch CNN. What a joke!”—Matthew Gazda

“The truly sad part is that any independent voters are watching the democrats intentionally stalling all government progress as well as spewing 24/7 hatred online and on the biased cable channels and are thinking “I’m never voting democrat again” Geesh it’s like a 24/7 crap fest and the story is always the same on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC etc all day long Russia, Russia, Russia with zero evidence found on it. Their asses are so sore that Hillary lost and all their grand plans for giving away Trillions of our taxpayer money and all of them skimming billions and having cushy Washington jobs went down the drain.” –Dave Goush

“It’s not fake news. It’s very fake news!”–President Donald J. Trump

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