Is the San Antonio race for mayor mirroring the 2016 Trump presidential election?

Candidate for Mayor of San Antonio Manuel Medina (Photo by Jack Dennis)

Manuel Medina is uniting San Antonio with his run for mayor. (J. Dennis)

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Is the race for San Antonio’s next mayor mirroring the November 2016 presidential election?

All the big money, special interests and mainstream media reinforced Hillary Clinton’s odds to win. But along came Donald Trump, a non-traditional candidate with little or no ties to the Washington D.C. cartel. With a determined commitment to avoid the Beltway power brokers in favor of taking his “Make America Great Again” message to voters, Trump beat the odds. Of course, Clinton had plenty of baggage to take aim at.

In the Alamo City election of May 6, 2017, current Mayor Ivy Taylor and City Councilman Ron Nirenberg are the media, big money and local mainstream favorites. Like Clinton, they both have their baggage. While the two continue to buddy up with special interests tied to the $850 million bond coming up in the election, their opponent Manuel Medina actually signed a pledge to refuse contributions from downtown area developers–including the Zachary family.


  • Since 2015, city records show the Zachary’s donated at least $4,500 to Taylor and Nirenberg. Three Zachry corporate entities contributed over $15,000 on a campaign to raise the pay for council members and the mayor.


  • Christopher Steele, President of San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association embraces Manuel Medina (right) after giving their formal endorsement to the candidate for mayor. March 21, 2017 on the steps of City Hall (Photo by Jack Dennis)

    Both are courted by OneSA, the powerful campaign group responsible for selling the $850 million bond package to voters. Latest records show OneSA has spent over $164,000 so far, but with $568,038 in contributions, San Antonio can be expected to see and hear all the commercials $430,000 can buy over the next month. It’s no wonder the group has received this amount with Zachry, Munoz (architects), Pape Dawson (engineering) and consultants like KGB (consultants) on their side.


  • San Antonio’s mainstream media darling, the Express-News has unleashed their biased bulldog, Brian Chasnoff—the same influenced muckraker who used Nirenberg as a source of information for some of his past published interpretations—to go after Medina. A similar modus operandi was employed against Mayor Taylor on the controversial $3.4 billion Vista Ridge pipeline project intended to deliver 16.3 billion gallons of water annually to San Antonio and Fair Oaks Ranch from Burleson County.




How does a politician continue to gather the support of both LULAC and Tea Party leaders and many others in between both sides of the political spectrum?

  • Medina’s decision to run for mayor has been seen as refreshing to citizens disgusted with corrupt politics and the waste of taxpayer’s money. Like President Trump, he is likened by some observers as “rocking the boat” against the elite powerbrokers of San Antonio. Those powers include Mayor Taylor, Nirenberg, the special interests, and the media.


  • Uniting. Conservative Jeff Judson and LULAC National Council & Attorney Luis R. Vera, Jr., both supporters of Medina, worked together to stop the multi-billion dollar light-rail/street car program City leaders tried to implement. (Jack Dennis)

    Medina has garnered the support of many conservatives in San Antonio, a base that Nirenberg hoped to tap into. Medina received endorsements from former District 10 Councilman Carlton Soules (conservative Republican), George Rodriguez, (distinguished Hispanic conservative, syndicated writer, and former Tea Party leader) and Jeff Judson (public policy consultant and former Olmos Park City Councilman. He’s also received significant endorsements from various fire, police and religious organizations.


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