Over 2000 attended Texas Charter School Rally at State Capitol

Texas Charter School Rally in front of the State Capitol on April 26, 2017. (Office of Governor Greg Abbott).

Governor Greg Abbott today attended and delivered remarks at a rally for the Texas Charter School Association (TCSA) at the Texas Capitol. During the rally, the Governor expressed his support for the work the TCSA is doing, and discussed the importance of charter schools in providing every Texas child with the opportunity to attend the school of their choice.

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“Every child in Texas must have the opportunity to attend the school that’s right for them regardless of their zip code,” said Governor Abbott. “As Governor I will work to provide our children with the best education possible by expanding and improving charter schools in Texas. Access to a quality education is not a political issue, and Texans must come together to make sure no child is deprived of a quality education”

Public charter schools are tuition-free, open-enrollment public schools that have the flexibility to adapt to the educational needs of individual students, while held to strict state academic and financial accountability standards. Charter students represent about 5% of the public school population in Texas. With more than 141,000 students on waiting lists across the state, Texas students and families need more innovative options.

Governor Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, and Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush were the keynote speakers for the Texas Public Charter Schools Rally. Other speakers included a charter school student, parents, and legislators, including Senator Donna Campbell and Representative Harold Dutton, authors of key companion legislation for charter school facilities funding.

“There is significant momentum for public charter schools in approaching the last month of the 85th Legislative Session,” TCSA announced in support of the 250,000 current Texas charter school students.

“As your Land Commissioner, a former teacher, and most importantly, a parent, I am proud to join the Texas Charter Schools Association and the supporters of this important movement to provide additional options for parents and students,” said Commissioner George P. Bush. “I stand with those who trust Texans with the opportunity to choose what school is best for their children and I do so for one very simple, but profound reason: I believe that when we give parents a choice, we give students a chance. A chance at a better education, a better life and a better future. A good education shouldn’t be limited to where you live — the American Dream must be real and available to every child.”

TCSA represents public charter schools at 629 campuses across the state. Public charter schools are a part of the state’s public school system, open-enrollment, tuition free, and held to the same academic and financial accountability standards as other public schools. Since 2008, TCSA has worked to accelerate student achievement in Texas by strengthening and supporting a diverse set of effective, public charter schools.

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