USS Mahan (Offical Navy photo)

Iran’s latest “unprofessional” interaction by one of their Revolutionary Guard Corps attack boats was met with serious warning actions by the USS Mahan Monday, several news sources are reporting. According to Breitbart news, “The latest in a string of provocative Iranian maritime actions occurred on Monday when the destroyer USS Mahan was obliged to alter course, fire warning flares, and man its own weapons due to the close approach of an Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps attack boat.”

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Fox News reported that U.S. officials indicated “the Iranian craft came within 1,100 yards from the Mahan at a “high rate of speed” and manned its weapons. The Navy ship was securely within international waters in the Arabian Gulf at the time.”

CNN reported an American official described the Iranians’ conduct as “unprofessional but also provocative.”

“This ship is built to fight; you’d better know how,” the official motto of the Mahan represents the ships influence over sea power, its strategy and geopolitical importance world wide. The ships crest features a wreath that combines laurel and palm to symbolize honor and victory.


ABC News indicates that the Mahan fired its warning flare “in the direction” of the IRGC ship, but that isn’t officially considered a warning shot. In a previous similar action, the Navy ship did fire warning shots. Last January, four Iranian crafts approached the U.S. destroyer after ignoring its radio calls to stay clear and fired three warning shots at them with a .50 caliber machine gun.

“According to the U.S. military, Iran harassed U.S. Navy warships through “unprofessional” interactions at least 35 times in 2016, a jump of more than 50 percent from the previous year,” Fox News reports.

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