Obama breaks records earning $500 per second for mentioning himself 216 times in climate change speech

Barack Obama breaks new record by referring to himself in a speech more than any president in history. (Graphic News Legit)

In the amount of time it took him to say “I actually found that I became more humble the longer I was in office,” former President Barack Obama earned $700 during his keynote climate change “Seeds and Chips” speech before the Global Food Innovation Summit in Milan, Italy.

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Obama broke two records that evening. Not only did he earn more in that 100 minute speech than he did from his legitimate salary as president of the U.S. for eight years, he referred to himself more than any other president in history during an address before any audience. He even beat his own record.

For $500 per second, or $30,000 per minute, Obama mentioned himself 216 times. According to a transcript he used the words “I” 168 times, “me” or “my” 40 times, and “we,” “us” or “our” referring to his family 8 times.

FOX News first reported that during his first 41 speeches as president, Obama talked about himself 1,198 times. He used “I” 1,121 times and “Me” 77. Here is at look more Obama speeches:

Date Times he mentioned himself Occasion
Jan. 2017 75 Farewell Address
Jan. 2017 40 Chicago Cubs visit to White House
July 2016 45 Slain Dallas Police Officers Address
July 2016 119 Democratic National Convention speaking about Hillary Clinton
Jan. 2016 76 Gun Control speech
Oct. 2015 28 Mass Shooting speech
Jan. 2017 118 Speech in India
July 2014 199 Austin, Texas speech
Jan. 2013 74 State of the Union Speech
Jan. 2012 104 State of the Union Speech


In their farewell speeches Bill Clinton spoke for 7 minutes, 25 seconds; Ronald Reagan spoke for 20 minutes, 42 seconds; and George W. Bush spoke for 13 minutes, 7 seconds. Obama spoke for 51 minutes, 10 seconds.

Donald Trump referred to himself three times during his January 20, 2017 Inaugural Speech. Out of the 1,443 words, the new president said “I” three times, “we” 45 times and “you” 24 times.

President Abraham Lincoln did not refer to himself once in the Gettysburg Address during the afternoon of Thursday, November 19, 1863.

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