Secrets of Elvis at Graceland revealed in tribute presented to Priscilla Presley by Netherlands fan

Graceland secrets

On the second anniversary of the day Lida Keijzer began building her tribute to Elvis Presley in Veendam, Netherlands, she graciously shares some of the “secrets” of her remarkable mini-Graceland dollhouse. On Wednesday, Keijzer was able to present an album of photos of the Elvis Dollhouse to Priscilla Presley while touring with the “Elvis in Concert with Symphony Orchestra European Tour 2017.”

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In Berlin, Germany today, the former wife of Elvis Presley told a reporter that just because their marriage ended, “our relationship did not end with that day. Elvis continued to be my mentor. We stayed friends and often saw each other – and of course because of our daughter Lisa-Marie.”

Last March, Presley helped open the new state-of-the-art entertainment complex, Elvis Presley’s Memphis, the biggest expansion to his Memphis mansion since it first opened to the public in 1982.

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Keijzer has become a champion among legions of Elvis devotees for her dedication to the King of Rock n’ Roll through her work on arguably one of the most unique personal tributes. A very detailed miniature Graceland she has been constructing since May 2015.

Presley previously recognized how authentic the dollhouse is. Graceland has been described as a Classical-Colonial Revival architectural style. Keijzer house includes such features as the traditional entrance portico with four Corinthian columns on the exterior and faithfully fabricated interiors. One room in the house includes mini Elvis jumpsuits and guitars enclosed in show cases and gold album plaques hanging on the walls. A small piano plays Elvis’ famous romantic song, “Love Me Tender.”

A Go Fund Me account has been set up by Mississippi Elvis fan Kathy Savelio to send Mrs. Keijzer and her husband to Graceland from the Netherlands. Please donate what you can to help this wonderful Elvis Presley fan make her dream come to true.

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Here are exclusive photos showing updates and secrets of the Graceland Dollhouse.

“The poolroom cost me a lot of time,” Lida said. ” The ceiling cost me two days.” She thought a great deal about how to make the ceiling. “First, I glued the fabric on paper, then cut to size. I then stuck one to one on the ceiling.”

The drawer from the poolroom with the instruction card from the slide projector.

Graceland Dollhouse Billard Room detail.

“I have never been to Graceland, so all of the things that I have built by hand have been researched by me through books, looking on the Internet, and pictures from around the world,” Keijzer said. “It is an ongoing process, and it is not finished, I work on some part of it every day. I have worked as much as 10 hours per day building, and designing the house. There are many nights when I go to bed I think about how I can either make a certain piece, change something that I have built or make some part better, my mind is constantly thinking about my Graceland dollhouse.”

Lida’s craftsmanship is so devoted, she has incorporated many of the actual secrets of Graceland into her details. Simply opening the lid to a Jungle Room cabinet reveals a hidden radio and record player. A drawer in the white cabinet of the Piano Room includes the sword Presley cherished.


Lida recently updated the Graceland Dollhouse Kitchen with a more authentic look for the ceiling and carpet.

Graceland Secret: In the Jungle Room there is a hidden record player and radio.

Radio and record player revealed.



Just like in the real Graceland, Lida’s Dollhouse has Lisa Marie’s signature in a kitchen drawer.



















Keijzer works on an astonishing replica of Presley’s Memphis, Tennessee home saying “each day I listen to Elvis, his music, the lyrics to his songs have helped me through many areas of my life….good, and bad. Some of my favorite songs are ‘What Now My Love’, and ‘Separate Ways’. My favorite movie is Blue Hawaii. His music gave me a lot of inspiration. I often dreamed of building Graceland as a dollhouse and as you can see, I made my dream come true.”

Peer into the bottom drawer of the White Cabinet in the Piano Room (L. Keizjer)

Miniature replica of Elvis Presley’s hidden sword. (L. Keijzer)

“Elvis touched each of us in a special way,” Keijzer told a group of Presley fans whose names she inscribed on her model. “We all love and miss him dearly. I am honored that each of you allowed me to write your names on my Graceland wall. Your names are forever written in the stone on my Graceland wall and in my heart. Thank you again my friends from around the world.”

“My Graceland dollhouse is completely hand made by me,” said Keijzer. “I taught myself to make things by hand. When I was younger I would see something that I liked. I would come home and try to duplicate it by myself. The items in the house are made out of wood, glass, and plastic. It measures 40” high, 48” wide, 24” deep.  It takes hours to make some of the more delicate items. It doesn’t always come out the way that I want it to on the first time, so I re-do it.”

Detail of hanging chandeliers (L. Keizjer)

Lida’s talents resulted in this accurate painting of young Elvis. (L. Keitzjer)

Gladys Presley (Elvis’ mother) dresses and purses included in her bedroom closet (L. Keitzjer)

It takes Lida a full day of detailed work to make each Elvis suit. (L. Keitzjer)

Gladys Presley’s dresser. (L. Keitzjer)

Graceland Dollhouse front yard detail. (J. Keitzjer)

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  1. Fantastic! Many hours, days of tedious, exacting work of your love of Elvis, his family, and his home.

  2. Great article Jack ….
    With much love Lida xxx

  3. Rune Jacob Ahn | July 17, 2017 at 7:12 pm | Reply

    That’s fantastic, Lida! I started building my own Graceland tribute to scale 1:18 back in 2007, and I have still not finished building mine… I’m pretty proud of mine but I have to say that I must bowe my head in awe for all the perfectly fine details you made for the interiors. Wow!!! I only made exteriors so far ecxept window frames and door and floor panels inside… Thank you for making such beautiful work for all us other Elvis fans to see and enjoy. Amazing and beautiful. Best regards. Rune Jacob Ahn from Copenhagen.

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