Texas Rangers and school district continue investigations of La Vernia High School students sex abuses

Citizens of the friendly town of La Vernia, Texas have been rattled by a sex scandal within their high school boys athletics program.

Texas Rangers continue their investigations into the alleged sexual assaults that resulted in the arrest of 13 students of La Vernia High School, a town 30 minutes southeast of San Antonio, Texas. Six adult students and seven juvenile classmates have been charged in the sex scandal involving over twenty others in the boy’s athletic program at the school.

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After three incumbent members of the La Vernia Independent School District (LVISD) Board lost their seats during the May 6, 2017 election, the district was allowed to begin their internal investigation. According to Superintendent Dr. Jose Moreno, they will attempt to determine whether any staff had knowledge of the alleged assaults or violated school policies, including reporting requirements. The district also hired a campus police officer to patrol the high school and instituted a new private hotline where students can report misconduct. Dr. Moreno said any alleged violations will be judged by the Teachers Code of Ethics, school board policy and district regulations.

A federal lawsuit filed by the parents of a victim alleges at least one football coach knew what was aware of the abuses and warned the players to stop. Claiming redundant lawsuits, a principal, with several current and former members of the school staff filed a court motion to be relieved from the legal actions.

“We’re lucky no one died.”

Top Row, L-R: Christian Roberts, Dustin Norman, Robert Olivarez, Jr. Bottom L-R: Alejandro ‘Alex’ Ibarra, Colton Weidner, John Rutowski. (Police photos)

Investigators learned that three of the adult suspects along with a juvenile suspect held a 16-year-old male classmate down at an off campus home and sexually assaulted him with the threaded end of a CO2 air tank. The November 2016 crime was said to be part of the victim’s initiation into the varsity football team from the junior-varsity team.  “We’re lucky no one has died,” a credible source close to the investigations told NEW LEGIT. “Some of the acts committed on these boys were unbearably dangerous and brutal. This case goes beyond just the high school.”

“The parent of this child has gone through a living nightmare while her son struggled to deal with what happened,” a source, in education said. “As we understand it, she went to school authorities on several occasions to report it and seek help. She finally went to the police.”

During a recent LVISD board meeting parent Stephen McNeil addressed the board members, telling them they have “done little to acknowledge or address the issue – for over a month you could not even bring yourselves to say the words “alleged sexual assault – to the victims this means you do not believe the accusations and are just protecting the perpetrators – the ISD administration and the board.”

“It’s pathetic how things are handled or not.”

In April at least one parent contacted the Texas Education Agency regarding concerns with the school district and high school sex scandal. One mother informed NEWS LEGIT that she “worked at the school district off and on since xxxx as a xxxx.  It’s pathetic how things are handled or not.  They even ignore their employees unless you are part of the click then you get whatever you want.  Drain the Swamp and clean out LV…Please don’t forward my name on.  If anyone finds out my poor xxxx will pay the price.  Too bad I’m not on the school board, a teacher, or and admin person. Then xxxx would be protected.”

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has opened an official enquiry into a least one official complaint filed about the sex abuse allegations at LVISD.

Television News4 in San Antonio reported that in November 2016 a high school student was charged with child pornography after he allegedly filmed his sexual assaults with a female student in a high school hallway.

“Following the arrest on November 16th, an administrative expulsion hearing was held on December 1 and appropriate disciplinary action was taken,” Superintendent Moreno told News4. “The student is not enrolled at La Vernia High School.”

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