Johnny Jennings, 86, recycles to donate thousands for children’s homes and ministries

Johnny Jennings donated $400,000 during one event (Pam Bryant)

Mr. Johnny Jennings story has received over 170,000 shares and 33,000 comments on Facebook. He said when he was 18-years-old he visited a children’s home and as he was about to leave “three little boys grabbed me around the knee and asked me to be their daddy. From that point on, I did all I could.”

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“Johnny Jennings is one of the most gracious individuals I have ever met. I have always admired his quiet, humble spirit, his commitment to helping others and most of all, his love for the children in our care,” said Georgia Baptist Children’s Homes & Family Ministries’ president Kenneth Thompson. “We are so blessed to have someone of his character dedicated to serving our ministry.”

In it’s original Facebook story, here is the comment about this generous man:

Mr. Johnny Jennings age 86 has been collecting recycling since 1985 and donating all the money that he receives from recycling to the Georgia Baptist Home for Children. Mr. Jennings has worn out 3 trucks and countless sets of tires. In 2016, Mr Jennings donated just enough money to make his grand total donated $400,000.00!!! Yes you read that right!!! Mr. Jennings age 86 has donated $400,000.00 to the Georgia Baptist Home for Children over a time frame of 32 years! That is a lot of paper and aluminum cans for sure…

This is his Recycling Report for 2016….

Paper Sold 401,280 lbs (201 tons)
Aluminum Cans 51,565 (cans)
Pennies collected 32,040

Total for 32 years
Total Paper Sold 9,810,063 lbs
Total Pennies $20,275.20 = 24 miles
Trees Saved 79,000

Monday – Friday you will likely see Mr. Jennings driving around town picking up paper from local businesses and churches and taking it to the Chattanooga Recycle Center on Central Avenue. From there he will head home and load the truck up again with recyclables that people have dropped off at his house. Mr. Jennings normally loads his truck by himself and that is a job in it’s self and did I mention he is 86 years old and had 2 mini strokes two weeks ago and when he got home from the hospital he didn’t let that stop him from getting back to his paper route? That is just how he is and he will not stop until the undertaker turns his toes up! That is what he tells everyone!

I hope you see why I think Mr. Johnny Jennings story needs to be told as it is a good one. He is the last of a dying breed. Our generation and the ones to follow could learn a lot from Mr. Jennings.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” Pablo Picasso… This is Mr. Jennings favorite quote and he sure does live by it…….

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