Anti-toll reforms pass Texas legislature despite special interest lobbying

Anti-toll road hurdles passed.

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The Texas legislature cleared the final hurdle for a strong anti-toll road bill Saturday evening.

“Though special interests and their lobbyists attempted to undo the intent of what they see as hostile legislation to their existence and add and remove language outside the public purview, anti-toll groups delivered a major blow to future toll roads in Texas with passage of SB 312,” said Terri Hall, Director of Texas TURF and Texans for Toll-free highways.

Hall considers “the biggest victory of all was killing the bill to re-authorize public private partnership toll roads, HB 2861. Nineteen Texas highways would have been handed over in government-sanctioned monopolies giving private, foreign corporations the exclusive right to extract the highest possible toll in 50-year sweetheart deals. That era is now over. There’s also plenty to celebrate in SB 312.”

Anti-toll reforms in SB 312:

1) Texans will now be protected from having their free lanes converted to toll lanes or having their free lanes downgraded to frontage roads.

2) Despite the exceptions added, HOV lanes cannot be converted into toll lanes.

3) Toll administrative fees will be capped at $48/year, and any criminal fines are capped at $250/year (versus the current system where thousands can be tacked on).

4) Tolls will be removed from Camino Columbia toll road in Laredo and the Cesar Chavez toll project in El Paso (after a vote by local El Paso officials who have indicated they support removing the tolls). This sets an important precedent to get tolls removed from other projects.

5) Any state funds for toll projects that had environmental review commence by January 1, 2014, must be repaid. The grant/subsidy, double tax gravy train is now over.

“Taxpayers pushed for over a decade to get these reforms in place and finally got them in SB 312,” Hall said. “While there’s still much work to be done to completely reform toll policy in Texas, the majority of the heavy lifting began with passage of SB 212 Saturday.”

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