American mainstream media harm themselves with liberal slanted reporting

Mainstream Media bias (NL)

Trust in the mainstream media (MSM) is at a historic low because of the harm they have done to themselves. During the last two years, throughout the presidential campaign and after Donald J. Trump was elected, the behavior of many journalists has revealed they generally report a liberal slant. They cover conservatives unfavorably.

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A May 31-June 6 Quinnipiac poll asked, “I am going to mention four phrases and ask you which one best describes how you feel about the job the news media has been doing covering American politics. Do you feel enthusiastic, satisfied but not enthusiastic, dissatisfied but not angry, or angry?”

The result is that almost 60 percent of Americans are angry or dissatisfied with the news media:



Satisfied: 30%

Enthusiastic: 10%

Since Trump became President in January, viewers have noticed increased inaccuracies, false reporting and negative rumors spread by MSM. Even once respected and award-winning journalists are losing credibility that may be hard to recover.

“…falsehoods as part of a regular, nightly indictment of the President’s character.”

Mainstream Media used liberal code word “Dark” to report Trump’s speech. (NL)

Now journalists spread false, negative rumors about President Trump before any evidence is even produced. Local news stations can suffer because of their network affiliations with some of the MSM. Much of this damage done to the faith of American viewers is because they have not been receiving honest information.

A classic example of biased reporting comes from CBS News correspondent Scott Pelley, who had been eager to use “falsehoods as part of a regular, nightly indictment of the President’s character,” stated Rich Noyes of the Media Research Center (MRC).

“If he’d been just as challenging of falsehoods from Bill Clinton or Barack Obama, Pelley could rightly be seen as a truth-seeker who pulled no punches,” Noyes who reports for America’s leading media watchdog said. “But selectively going after a President like Trump who is deeply unpopular in liberal media circles doesn’t exactly qualify Pelley for a ‘Profile in Courage’ award.”

On May 30, 2017 it was learned that Pelley low ratings and conflict with the network’s news president David Rhodes caused his demise as the anchor on CBS Evening News. He will be going back to the 60 Minutes program.

“About the only people who deny widespread media bias these days are the people who are directly benefiting from it.” –Tucker Carson, Fox News

Sean Hannity reports on Mainstream Media meltdown (Fox screen shot)

Also in May,  a Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy study showed up to 93 percent of MSM coverage of President Trump’s first 100 days were negative. On average, over 80 percent of news coverage from leading news sources was negative, while only 19 percent being positive. The study confirmed that Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton had  received 41 percent, 57 percent and 60 percent negative press in their opening months as president.

“The news media are liberal,” Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson noted on his program when the study was released. “It’s obvious in the stories they chose and maybe even more evident in the ones they ignore.”

Tucker Carson on media bias (Fox News screen shot)

“About the only people who deny widespread media bias these days are the people who are directly benefiting from it,” Carlson explained. “And that would include progressive activists posing as reporters and the Democratic politicians whose water they carry.”

For decades, MSM told viewers and readers what to think.  Today independent media and the Internet has forced many Americans to break free from that paradigm, learn more, and think independently for themselves.  The latest Gallup survey found similar results as the Quinnipiac poll that over 60 percent of Americans “have little or no trust” in the mainstream media.

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