Fascinating hidden secrets and meanings in familiar symbols

Do you see the subtle symbol?

Can you find the hidden secrets?

Do you see the Hidden Mickey?

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Disney Imagineers started the hidden secrets and meanings in symbolism in late 1970s and early 1980s as Epcot was being designed at Walt Disney World. Epcot would be a more adult oriented theme park. There would be no Disney characters and alcohol would be sold. Mickey Mouse and adult drinks just didn’t mix well, the company decided.

But the creative Imagineers had ideas of their own. They secretly included hidden Mickey Mouse profiles in the various design elements in the park. A tradition began and the popularity of hidden meanings expanded outside of Epcot, the Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios (viewed from the sky, it is one giant Hidden Mickey) and other Disney attractions.

Just how far did the hidden meanings idea grow? Check out these secrets of these familiar logos:



There is nothing better than Mom’s cooking and Wendy’s subtly included “Mom” on her collar.

‘Mom’ on Wendy’s collar.


A smile makes someone’s day better, this is what Goodwill’s logo signifies through the smiling face that is hidden in the letter G.

Goodwill “G” is a smile.

Tour De France

Look close at the cycling racer. The letter O and the yellow circle are the two wheels, while the letter U is the seat and R signifies the rider.

Tour De France bike rider.


Chocolate lovers would love to identify the hidden chocolate in this logo which is between the letter K and I.

The kiss is between the K and the I.


The two letters ‘T’ resemble the adults holding the chips and dipping in the salsa, the dot of the letter ‘I’.

Two adults dipping from the salsa bowl.

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