Popular slang, codes and phrases through the decades

Culture speak and slang through the decades. (Graphic by Jack Dennis)

Over 100 commonly used codes, acronyms and popular slang

Most of us know that ASAP means “As Soon As Possible,” or “TGIF is Thank God It’s Friday.” Each generation has its own slang, language and code-speak, but with Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and other social media outlets, more acronyms are being used to hide more personal and social information from others. This is especially true for children trying to conceal secrets from their parents.

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Some of the slang used in the past decades include:


Bum rap – False accusation.

Bust your chops – A scolding.

Buzz – Being tipsy.

Call girl – Prostitute.


Made in the shade – Guaranteed. Success. Doing well.

Peepers – Glasses.

Split – Leave.

Threads – Clothes.


Outta sight – Unbelievable.

Fab — Very exciting and fantastic.

Groovy – Cool.

Bummed out – Depressed. Feeling down.


Psyche! – Tricking someone.

Far Out – Awesome.

Right On! – Agree.

Boogie – Dance and have fun.


Gnarly – A surfer reference that something is cool.

Dude/Dudette – Gender specific noun’s used in place of a person’s name.

Like Totally – Extreme agreement.

Tubular – Surfer way to express excitement in something or someone.


Da Bomb! – Really cool.

As If! – Extraordinary disbelief and a lack of interest.

Whatever! – Extreme lack of interest and a way to end a conversation.

Tight – Show how great something is.


Bromance – Guys admiring each other.

LOL – Lots of Laughs.

Geek — Non-mainstream people; Expert or enthusiast of a hobby or intellectual pursuit.

Whale Tail – Y-shaped G-string.

By the 2010’s the amount of slang and abbreviated multiplied and evolved with social media.


Here is a list of over 100 common acronyms currently used. Some are innocent and others meant to be deceiving and shifty.

  1. 143 –I love you
  2. 2DAY –Today
  3. 4EAE– For ever and ever
  4. ADN–Any day now
  5. AFAIK – As far as I know
  6. AFK – Away from keyboard
  7. ASL–Age/sex/location
  8. ATM –At the moment
  9.  BFN–Bye for now
  10. BOL –Be on later
  11. BRB – Be right back
  12.  BTW – By the way
  13. CTN–Can’t talk now
  14. DWBH–Don’t worry, be happy
  15.  F2F or FTF –Face to face
  16. FWB– Friends with benefits
  17. FYEO –For your eyes only
  18. GAL– Get a life
  19. GB– Goodbye
  20. GLHF –Good luck, have fun
  21. GTG–Got to go
  22. GYPO– Get your pants off
  23. HAK –Hugs and kisses
  24. HAND–Have a nice day
  25. HTH–Hope this helps / Happy to help
  26. HW–Homework
  27. IDK –I don’t know
  28. IIRC –If I remember correctly
  29. IKR–I know, right?
  30. ILY / ILU–I love you
  31. IM–Instant message
  32. IMHO –In my honest opinion / In my humble opinion
  33. IMO – In my opinion
  34. IRL–In real life
  35. IWSN – I want sex now
  36. IU2U–It’s up to you
  37. IYKWIM–If you know what I mean
  38. J/K–Just kidding
  39. J4F –Just for fun
  40. JIC–Just in case
  41. JSYK – Just so you know
  42. KFY – Kiss for you
  43. KPC– Keeping parents clueless
  44. L8– Late
  45. LMBO –Laughing my butt off
  46. LMIRL– Let’s meet in real life
  47. LMK–Let me know
  48. LOL–Laugh out loud
  49. LSR–Loser
  50. MIRL –Meet in real life
  51. MOS–Mom over shoulder
  52. NAGI–Not a good idea
  53. NIFOC–Nude in front of computer
  54. NM –Never mind
  55. NMU –Not much, you?
  56. NP– No problem
  57. NTS–Note to self
  58. OIC–Oh I see
  59. OMG–Oh my God
  60. ORLY –Oh, really?
  61. OT– Off topic
  62. OTP–On the phone
  63. P911–Parent alert
  64. PAW –Parents are watching
  65. PCM–Please call me
  66. PIR – Parent in room
  67. PLS or PLZ–Please
  68. PPL –People
  69. POS –Parents over shoulder
  70. PTB–Please text back
  71. QQ–Crying. This abbreviation produces an emoticon in text. It’s often used sarcastically.
  72. RAK– Random act of kindness
  73. RL –Real life
  74. ROFL –Rolling on the floor laughing
  75. RT – Retweet
  76. RUOK –Are you okay?
  77. SMH –Shaking my head
  78. SOS –Someone over shoulder
  79. SRSLY–Seriously
  80. SSDD– Same stuff, different day
  81. SWAK–Sealed with a kiss
  82. SWYP–So, what’s your problem?
  83. SYS–See you soon
  84. TBC–To be continued
  85. TDTM–Talk dirty to me
  86. TIME– Tears in my eyes
  87. WYCM–Will you call me?
  88. TMI–Too much information
  89. TMRW–Tomorrow
  90. TTYL–Talk to you later
  91.  TY or TU– Thank you
  92. VSF –Very sad face
  93. WB–Welcome back
  94. WTH– What the heck?
  95. WTPA –Where the party at?
  96. WYCM– Will you call me?
  97. YGM–You’ve got mail
  98. YOLO–You only live once
  99. YW–You’re welcome
  100. ZOMG– Oh my God (sarcastic)
  101. 182– I hate you
  102. 420– Marijuana
  103. ADR– Address
  104. CD9– Code 9 – it means parents are around
  105. ILU– I Love You
  106. KOTL– Kiss On The Lips
  107. LMIRL– Let’s Meet In Real Life
  108. NIFOC– Nude In Front Of The Computer
  109. P999– Parent Alert
  110. PAL– Parents Are Listening -or- Peace And Love
  111. RU/18– Are You Over 18?
  112. WYRN– What’s Your Real Name?


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