High school girls taking selfie capture something bizarre in restroom

Two girls from this high school decided to take a selfie. What was captured in the photo sent shivers across the globe. (NL)

What was that thing behind the blue container?

Paranormal  or pareidolia?

Selfie in restroom.

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Call it supernatural, paranormal or weird. Some call it reflection or ghostly. Science has attempted to define it is as pareidolia, a psychological occurrence of when the mind perceives a familiar image of something that does not exist. We see them on bridges, in attics, basements, houses and graveyards. Others see them on trees, rock formations or on a slice of toast. But it was in the girl’s restroom of Rizal High School in the Philippines that two students experienced the unthinkable…and unexplainable.

Since the 1980s, many students, teachers and staff said they have seen or heard haunted activity in the huge Isidro Rodriguez building on the campus. Rizal is one of the largest high schools in the world, with a student population near 20,000. They were registered under the Genius book of World Records in 1993.

When two girls innocently decided to take a selfie (photo of you take of yourself) during the 2015 school year, something very bizarre occurred when they looked at it moments later. Puzzled, they shared it with classmates and teachers. Everyone came up with the same conclusion: crouching down behind a blue container was a mysterious shabby appearing girl with long black hair staring at them.

What is that thing?

Teachers and staff went into the restroom to look for clues. One teacher was expecting to see a dark towel or something draped in the corner. There was nothing. Only the blue container was there.

School board members officially stated that this particular selfie has a reflection of some object. Soon afterwards, they had a priest bless the restroom just in case.

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