Charming facts that can brighten your spirit on Monday

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Mondays may be getting a bad rap. The biggest myth about Mondays is that suicide rates are highest on the first day of the work week. That was true in the 1990s, but since 2000 things have changed.

Updated research and more studies now show that “Hump Day,” Wednesday is the peak time. One theory supported by research indicates the social connectedness of the Internet and cell phones have resulted in less isolation during weekends.

Mondays that are on holidays is one of the least times for cardiovascular risk. Work Mondays remain among the highest days for heart attacks, strokes, and sudden cardiac deaths.

Here are more Monday facts:

–Monday isn’t actually the worst day of the week. Monday is when you find out what you missed from the prior week – Tuesday is when you must DO those things.

–Time appears to go by faster on Mondays, if you are a morning person and jump into your work. Otherwise, most people will average about 3 hours and 40 minutes of productive time. Those people experience a slow day.

–Monday is statistically one of the best traffic days of the work week because over half of all people arrive late for work. Many people take a three-day weekend. There is also a good deal of “weekend flu” going around on Monday mornings.

–People usually dress their best on Mondays, because they laundered and prepared their clothes during the weekend.

In the United States, over 42 million hugs will occur. 

–Most Brits don’t smile until 11:16 am on Mondays. Americans smile earlier. On average the first smile is exposed at 10:42 am. We need more cowbell.

–There will be over 5,000 weddings and 10,000 childbirths on a typical Monday. In the United States, over 42 million hugs will occur.

–About four people will win at least a million dollars in a lottery and 600 people will get a promotion at work. About 3,000 individuals will lose their virginity. If Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday, the total can go over 4,000. It’s also the biggest day of the year for sex.

–Most people lose about 12 minutes of time complaining about Monday.

–Monday Blues especially affects ages between 45 to 54 years.

–Weather records tell us Monday is the least rainy day of the week.

–Monday is the best day to buy a car because dealers are more willing to make a discount.


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