Seven Obamacare Republicans identified

Obamacare exchanges continue to drop out. (White House)

Grassroots fund leads efforts to challenge establishment GOP candidates in primary elections

Obamacare exchanges continue to drop out across the country

Seven Republican senators voted against Obamacare repeal after previously pledging to support it. They spent years promising to repeal the law and now with President Donald J. Trump, a Republican, in the White House they have the power to do it. Many GOP voters are so angry over the failure to repeal the failing healthcare plan, that at least one lawsuit has been filed against the Republican Party.

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Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF), a grassroots organization that promotes conservative policies and helps elect conservative candidates to the U.S. Senate, is leading efforts to challenge these senators in upcoming primary elections. The organization was founded by Senator Jim Demint (R-SC) to help the grassroots change Washington.

“If we want Republicans to stop taking conservatives for granted and stop betraying our principles, we must help conservative candidates challenge them in their primary elections,” the organization states in an email campaign sent out Friday. “Without this counter-pressure from conservatives, there will be no accountability and they will continue to oppose common sense policies regardless of what they have promised to do in the past.”

Ken Cuccienlli, President of Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF)

“There are very few organizations that will take these incumbents on,” SCF President Ken Cuccinelli II President said. “But we’re not part of the establishment and we know that change in Washington means changing the people we send there.”

“Mitch McConnell has vowed to ‘crush’ conservatives everywhere so he can fill the Senate with pro-establishment Republicans,” the SCF editorialized. “It’s why the Senate failed to repeal Obamacare. Many of the Republicans who flip-flopped on the issue and opposed repeal were supported by McConnell. Now he’s trying to do it again in the special election in Alabama where he and his allies have pledged to spend $8 million to destroy the opponents of his hand-picked candidate.”

“Congressman (Mo) Brooks is a principled leader who will fight to secure our borders, defend the Second Amendment, protect the unborn, repeal Obamacare, and enact the pro-growth policies that create jobs and opportunity for all Americans,” the SCF said. “But enacting these reforms will be next to impossible if Senator McConnell continues to elect his own pro-establishment Republicans instead of anti-establishment conservatives.”

The American Conservative Union Foundation’s conservative ratings for these senators shows a leftward trend the longer these members have served in Congress, with the exception of Susan Collins, who has consistently been rated as one of the least conservative Republicans (her latest is a 23 out of 100 for 2016).

Here’s a list of the seven senators along with their previous quotes supporting repeal.



Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)

THEN“This law is not affordable for anyone in Alaska. That is why I will support the bill that repeals the ACA and wipes out its harmful impacts.”
NOW: Voted Against Repeal
Dean Heller (R-NV)
THEN“The repeal of this law will not only reduce federal spending, but it will also allow Congress to address problems within the current health care system.”
NOW: Voted Against Repeal
Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV)
THEN“I have consistently voted to repeal and replace this disastrous health care law, and I am glad that a repeal bill will finally reach the president’s desk.”
NOW: Voted Against Repeal
Lamar Alexander (R-TN)
THEN“Obamacare was an historic mistake, and should be repealed and replaced with step-by-step reforms that transform the health care delivery system.”
NOW: Voted Against Repeal
Susan Collins (R-ME)
THEN“I believe that we made – that Congress made – a real error in passing Obamacare, we should repeal the law so that we can start over.”
NOW: Voted Against Repeal
John McCain (R-AZ)
THEN“It is clear that any serious attempt to improve our health care system must begin with a full repeal and replacement of Obamacare.”
NOW: Voted Against Repeal
Rob Portman (R-OH)
THEN“[Obamacare] is fundamentally flawed. I do think we ought to delay … and then we’ve got to repeal this thing and start over.”
NOW: Voted Against Repeal


The goal of SCF is to “enact policies that will restore America’s greatness. Therefore, we only support candidates who have the courage to:

Stop Spending  

Congress must be forced to cut spending. SCF candidates support a constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget without raising taxes.


Repeal ObamaCare
President Obama’s health care takeover will destroy American medicine and bankrupt our country. SCF candidates support full repeal of this dangerous law.


Enforce Immigration
The federal government has failed to enforce our nation’s immigration laws. SCF candidates support real border enforcement and oppose amnesty.


Defend the 2nd Amendment
The 2nd Amendment protects our freedom to keep and bear arms. SCF candidates oppose all efforts to eliminate or restrict this right.


Ban Bailouts
Bailouts force taxpayers to reward failure and punish success. SCF candidates oppose bailouts and believe corporations should be forced to compete.


End Earmarks
Congressional earmarks are a gateway drug to higher spending. SCF candidates support a permanent ban on earmarks to break Washington’s addiction to pork.


Protect Life
Americans should not be forced to fund activities they find morally objectionable. SCF candidates oppose taxpayer funding for abortion.


Reduce Power of Incumbency
Washington is controlled by career politicians. SCF candidates will help replace them with term limits or other reforms that limit the power of incumbency.”

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