Useless things the liberal media focus on according to Herman Cain

Herman Cain takes on the liberal media. (Twitter)

“People need to remember that governing is about results for the people, not about all the drama that people in Washington like to talk about” –Herman Cain

Herman Cain, the business executive, author, columnist and former candidate of the 2012 U.S. Republican Party presidential nomination recently chastised the mainstream media for their “useless, meaningless and irrelevant things” they focus on in articles for the Canada Free Press.

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“Maybe you didn’t hear about it because it didn’t involve Anthony Scaramucci, but we got very good news this week on a matter that actually affects a lot of your lives,” Cain wrote on Monday. “Small business hiring is picking up in America. Not only that, but the pay is good because quality workers are hard to find.”

Herman Cain’s book “They Think You’re Stupid”

Cain was referring to the National Federation of Independent Businesses announcement that the number of business owners planning to create new jobs is up to the best performance since December 2006.

Last month he said “President Trump had a plan all along in case Republicans failed to repeal and replace ObamaCare. And boy did they fail.”

“I suspected we might be going in this direction as soon as the Senate announced its intention to push aside the House-passed American Health Care Act and rewrite the bill,” Cain added. “That spelled disaster all along, because you’ve got too many RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) in the Senate who don’t really want free-market health care.”

“Susan Collins appears to be the biggest problem of all the RINOs,” said Cain. “She insists that ObamaCare is “so interwoven” into the fabric of America that you can’t repeal it without a replacement, but she refuses to support any of the replacements.”

“What does any of it have to do with making people’s lives better or safer?”

According to Cain, here is his list of things the mainstream media offers to the public:

Useless, meaningless and irrelevant things the liberal media focus on

  • Russian connection crap. No new evidence has turned up in months.
  • When will Melania and Barron move to Washington?
  • President Trump and his staff not attending the correspondents gala
  • How many times President Trump goes to Florida
  • Who talked to who when (see Nunes, Devin)
  • Latest speculative attack on an administration official
  • The constant misleading attacks by Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi

This is the “who cares” list. Nothing on it matters.

What does any of it have to do with making people’s lives better or safer? Nothing! It’s all about them, politics, and not about the people.

What’s refreshing about President Trump and his administration is that they just keep on moving on. They are doing a lot and there’s a lot to be done, and most of the American people know it and are behind them.

The Democrats, liberals, socialists, anti-Trumpers and their liberal media megaphones are reaching the point where they’re just talking amongst themselves. That’s because people with common sense are not listening.


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