Climate survey predictions disproved– Snowflakes still exist

Snowflakes still exist on earth. (NL)

Climate scientists models used to prove global warning are failing

New poll goes against liberal narrative–Scientists not trusted


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Only nineteen percent (19%) of Americans believe that climate scientists have a very good understanding on the best ways to address the issue of climate change. A new Pew Research study found that a mere 28% think the climate scientists understand the causes of climate change.

Failed predictions by government agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency and United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have caused more Americans to be increasingly skeptic of liberal propaganda regarding global warming. In fact, IPCC has back peddled on some of their earlier predictions.

There “is limited evidence of changes in extremes associated with other climate variables since the mid-20th century.” There are “no significant observed trends in global tropical cyclone frequency over the past century” and no “robust trends in annual numbers of tropical storms, hurricanes and major hurricanes counts have been identified over the past 100 years in the North Atlantic basin.” –IPCC

Global warming is big business. Studies in the antarctic and arctic have been cancelled when research ships were caught on the over abundance of ice.

One of the most humiliating failures for mainstream media was their failed narrative that there would be a complete loss of Artic sea ice by September 13, 2013.

Former vice-president and climate alarmist Al Gore assured us in January 2006 that unless we took “drastic measures” against the “true planetary emergency” to reduce greenhouse gasses, earth would reach a “point of no return.”

The Pew study found that it is Liberal Democrats who tend to show high levels of confidence in climate scientists and their motives. Only 27% of Americans even think there is a consensus on the issue and that practically all climate scientists believe human behavior is primarily responsible for global climate change.

John Holdren (NL)

Former President Barack Obama’s “science czar” and science advisor was John Holdren, now has three years left to prove that his widely reported 1970’s prediction is true. According to Holdren, a billion people will die in “carbon-dioxide induced famines” as part of a new “Ice Age” by the year 2020.

The Pew survey voids liberal narratives with over a third (36%) of Americans saying these scientists’ research findings are motivated to advance their own careers. Over two-thirds (68%) believe they don’t use the best available scientific evidence “most of the time.”  Citizens (27%) say climate scientists are influenced by their personal political leanings and only 23% believe they have concern for best interests of the public.

The following report has been taken seriously by Left Wing supporters

Read this excerpt carefully. It comes from a notable article that includes statistics and predictions from the National Academy of Sciences, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Center for Climatic and Environmental Assessment, Columbia University, and the University of Wisconsin at Madison:

So which is it? Global warming or a cooling world? (April 1975 Newsweek)

There are ominous signs that the Earth’s weather patterns have begun to change dramatically and that these changes may portend a drastic decline in food production — with serious political implications for just about every nation on Earth. The drop in food output could begin quite soon, perhaps only 10 years from now. The regions destined to feel its impact are the great wheat-producing lands of Canada and the U.S.S.R. in the North, along with a number of marginally self-sufficient tropical areas — parts of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indochina and Indonesia — where the growing season is dependent upon the rains brought by the monsoon.

The evidence in support of these predictions has now begun to accumulate so massively that meteor­ologists are hard-pressed to keep up with it. In England, farmers have seen their growing season decline by about two weeks since 1950, with a resultant overall loss in grain production estimated at up to 100,000 tons annually.

The article was published in April 1975 by Newsweek magazine. It was entitled “The Cooling World.”

Other climate scientists’ predictions that have not come true:

There is still plenty of snow year-round on Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest peak. In 2006, it was forecasted to be totally snow-free “within the decade.”

Paul Ehrlich, a professor at Stanford University, (co-authored The Population Bomb with Holdren, mentioned above) told the British Institute for Biology in 1971 that “by the year 2000 the United Kingdom will be simply a small group of impoverished islands, inhabited by some 70 million hungry people. If I were a gambler, I would take even money that England will not exist in the year 2000 and give ten to one that the life of the average Briton would be of distinctly lower quality than it is today.”

Which one is it? A new Ice Age or Global Warming? (TIME)

One of the biggest arguments against President Donald J. Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Environmental Accord has been the United Nations’ IPCC reports. Their latest report provided climate science predictions based on 73 computer models. Every single one of the model predictions failed miserably.

“Based just on the laws of probability, a monkey rolling the dice would have done far better at predicting future temperatures than the UN’s models,” The Alex Newman of the New American wrote in June. “That suggests deliberate fraud is likely at work.”

A recent study of the last 260 years of hurricane activity resulted in irrefutable evidence that such activity did not increase.  The activity has actually been on a slow declining trend.


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4 Comments on "Climate survey predictions disproved– Snowflakes still exist"

  1. Only 19% believe climate scientists? Really? And these are all Liberals? Fake (and absurd) news!

    • It’s from PEW Research, one of the liberals favorite surveyors. I didn’t make it up. Your comment is more evidence Snowflakes still exist.

  2. Marvin Hepworth | August 22, 2017 at 3:39 am | Reply

    The climate has been changing since the world began. This global climate crisis is a government created crisis developed t o bring more control into the average persons life. Yes it’s warmed now that it was when I was growing up, but Mars is also warming. Did man cause that also? With the Martian rover perhaps?

  3. I never did believe in the Global Warming scare. Especially when they had to come up with the “Great Pause”. The climate will always change. It did before man was here, and will continue to do so. It may be a “mask” for the “new world order.” Think about it. The Paris Agreement. The richer countries,as per the agreement, would pay the poorer countries money each year. The USA was going to pay the poorer countries 20 BILLION dollars a year to lower greenhouse gases. LOL, 20 BILLION a year! And who would police these poorer countries on how they would spend the money? It seemed like a great way for the richer countries to become poorer for sure! (Not to mention all the jobs that would be lost and the exports that would be lost in the USA trying to reduce our emissions by 25 to 28% by 2025. America would be broke and the citizens would be starving.

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