Realizing the stages of grief can help at times of loss

Services at Fort Sam Houston Military Veterans Cemetery, 2017 (Jack Dennis)

Recognizing the stages of grief can help during times of loss or struggle. Every day millions of people face some loss, disaster or major disappointment. Death of a loved one, breakup of a relationship, loss of a job, or failing at a significant goal are but a few examples.

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Even the loss of a Friday night football game can be devastating to player who has worked, practiced and studied all week to win. It is important that all of us (including the winners of those games) embrace our common humanity and not boast or use “I told you so” statements to the losers. They will have enough to deal with already.

Below is a quick guide to some of the most common experiences people will go through in dealing with their losses.

Sometimes called the “stages of mourning” or “stages of grief,” not everyone experiences these stages the same order or process them the same way. Each person may spend different spans of time struggling through each and experience them more or less intensely. It’s important to realize we do not necessarily have to go through each stage, or we could be going back and forth between them.

Stages of Grief       


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