Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars: Another Red Team chef goes home

Hell's Kitchen All-Stars eliminates another contestant in Episode 3.

Texas chef Benjamin Knack advances as Red Team falters

The men’s Blue Team, including Fair Oaks Ranch Golf & Country Club Executive Chef Benjamin Knack, continued their winning streak in the third episode of “Hell’s Kitchen All Stars.” The ladies Red Team began the show with a pursuit for recovery from their string of loses.

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After a catastrophic dinner service last week, the Red Team dreadfully needed a win, and they sort of earned one. But it had nothing to do with food. With the intent to test their dexterity, Chef Gordon Ramsay tasked the contestants to a cup stacking contest. The ladies finally beat the men by creating a tower of cups. Ramsay then challenged the teams to create a tower of seafood, giving the Red Team a 30 second head start. The Blue team won.

Having proved they could create a tower of cups, the cooks where then tasked with creating a tower of seafood. Despite being awarded a 30 second head-start for their previous victory, the Red Team still couldn’t complete the task before the Blue Team.

“I had fun,” said Chef Knack, who chalks their victory up to team work and comradery. “Whatever they threw us I was going to approach it as fun.”

In online surveys, Knack ties with Barbie Marshall, Jared Bobkin, Michelle Tribble, Nick Peters Bond, Van Hurd, and Giovanni Filippone as viewer favorites.

The Blue Team celebrated by being treated to some tasty shellfish and a game of soccer on the beach. The Red Team? They had to eat some less than desirable fish stew. Elise Harris snubbed at taking a bite, and lied about it to Ramsay’s Sous Chef for the women’s team Chef Christina Wilson.

Ashley Nickell of Orlando, FL is the latest chef to be eliminated from Hell’s Kitchen. (FOX)

Wilson called the bluff and smelled each member of the Blue Team’s breath, then watched as Elise took a bite of the awful mixture.

During dinner service, the Blue Team triumphed as the Red Team struggled. Ashley Nickell was removed from the kitchen for checking her watch, while Barbie Marshall and Robyn Almodovar continued their bickering while serving up cold lamb chops and fish respectively. The three of them, along with Manda Palomino, where all nominated for elimination after being banished once again. In the end, Chef Ramsay chose to send Ashley back home to Orlando, Florida, sparing the others for one more week in “Hell’s Kitchen.”

Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars airs each Friday on FOX, at 8/7 central.



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