Top Ten most haunting true stories ever written

Top Ten True Horror (News Legit)

Reality can be even more nightmare-inducing than anything on the big screen

Most popular true bone-chilling articles according to readership numbers

The chilling and most troubling uneasiness about them is that they are true…and some may have occurred near where you live. 

Like many, I grew up enjoying the ghost and horror stories told during campouts, sleepovers and at the movie theater. The most frightening included classic tales like “The Hook,” “The Viper” and “Give Me My Liver.” Movies such as Psycho, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Silent of the Lambs were inspired by true stories. In this list of troubling and somewhat spine tingling accounts, at least one of the events inspired a motion picture, Unholy Matrimony—and my father was part of the story.

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Actually Dad was part of three stories, the others being “Chilling Story Behind Room 636” and “Baby Killer Nurse.”

Walter “Corky” Dennis was a police officer and later a homicide detective for the San Antonio Police Department during the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Later, he became a U.S. Marshal. Being raised among a community of police officers and crime fighting families, I heard many accounts of true crime. Looking back, this obviously influenced my future jobs as a private investigator, news reporter and writer.

San Antonio police officer Walter Dennis in 1960. (Dennis family photo)

Every Halloween season for the past eight years, I’ve made it a point to post at least one horror story. While researching and interviewing witnesses or authorities for these articles, I found many to be more terrifying than most films Hollywood offered. Reality can be even more nightmare-inducing than anything on the big screen.

If you read them, it could be because you can’t sleep—or you’re a bit concerned about the noise you heard coming outside your window. Whatever the reason is you continue to bury yourself into them, please know these are the top most troubling real-life stories according to readership numbers. My favorites are not necessarily my readers’ picks, but some of these truly scared me just writing them.

By the way, hopefully that noise outside that is making your skin crawl is just the wind blowing or something…

Top Ten most horrifying true stories (News Legit)

Jack Dennis

The Top Ten most frightening true stories written by Jack Dennis



Chilling Story Behind the Door of 636

The Horror of Room 636 (Gunter Hotel, San Antonio, TX)

“He butchered someone in that room, but who?”

In 1975, an envelope addressed and mailed to the Gunter Hotel in San Antonio, Texas contained a shocking discovery: The original key and key tag to room 636. Chambermaid Maria Luisa Guerra placed her pass key into entry the door lock of suite 636 at the Gunter Hotel in downtown San Antonio not realizing the horror she was about to witness…



The Butcher of Elmendorf

Alligator (Photo by Jack Dennis)

John Gray, an off duty deputy sheriff in Bexar County, left San Antonio on the early morning of Sept. 23, 1938 to go dove hunting in nearby Elmendorf, a small community just southeast of the Alamo City. Not long after he arrived, Gray saw an older man walking toward him with concern on his face.

The man told the deputy about a large barrel sitting behind the house of Joe Ball’s sister. He said there were flies all over it and it smelled bad, like something dead was inside it.



Creepy History of Chinese Graveyard

There’s nothing like the laughter of a baby. Unless it’s 2 a.m., there’s only four teens in the car, and you’re in the middle of the cemetery at 10445 Zarzamora Street.

San Antonio’s haunted Chinese Graveyard (Jack Dennis)

For decades, the curious who visited the ‘Chinese Graveyard’ in San Antonio have reported strange feelings of spirits around them, sightings of ghosts and mysterious sounds. But one of the most spine-chilling claims comes from July 4, 1973. Four McCollum High School graduates from the south side decided to drive outside the city limits on Zarzamora after a night of fireworks and Independence Day celebration.



The Donkey Lady

Haunted (NL)

The bone chilling legend of the Donkey Lady claims a half-woman-half-donkey-like creature persistently haunts the concentrated woods amid the Medina and San Antonio Rivers just south of the Alamo City.  The south Texas tradition of searching for the terrifying Donkey Lady–or by now, perhaps her ghost–has been a faithful teenage ritual going as far back as the late 1940s.



Woman Hollering Creek 

The Legend of Woman Hollering Creek (San Antonio)

Maps dating as far back as the 1830s shows a small creek in an area east of San Antonio that dumps into Martinez Creek just northeast of St. Hedwig. The name of the creek, according to those early maps, was “Arroyo de la Llorona.” This translates to “Woman Moaning Creek” or “Wailing Woman.” Anyone driving on Interstate 10 towards Seguin from San Antonio will cross over what is officially known as “Woman Hollering Creek.”…



Honeymoon Murder: Unholy Matrimony

San Antonio Police Homicide Detective Walter Dennis (center, black and white).

Puppies in the doctor’s back yard gave San Antonio police detective Walter Dennis a firm suspicion that the St. Bernards were more than just mere coincidence. After he knocked on the front door of Dr. Charles James Guilliam’s house, a woman with long, straight blond hair opened it. It was a cool Sunday afternoon, February 17, 1974, when Dennis introduced himself and the other suited gentleman standing with him on the porch of the Tuxford Street residence in northeast San Antonio…



Baby Killer Nurse

Genene Jones could have murdered as many as 60 infants (NL)

When Genene Jones turns 67 on Thursday, July 13, 2017, it will be 35 years since she visited the Kerrville, Texas Garden of Memories Cemetery grave site of the baby girl she killed.

Chelsea McClellan only lived 15 months. In 1982, she had been buried just a week when her grieving mother, Petti McClellan strived to drive the few miles northeast of the town to lay flowers on her baby’s grave.

As she approached the Babyland portion of the memorial park, she noticed a woman hovering over the bronze “Our Little Angel” marker. It was Jones, the nurse from the pediatrician’s office who treated Chelsea for respiratory problems. She was rocking back and forth, blubbering, “Chelsea. Chelsea. Chelsea…”



Headless Statue Near the Zoo

Without anesthetic, Dr. Urrutia cut his tongue out as a message to everyone…

The Headless Statue near the San Antonio Zoo. (San Antonio).

Smuggled two rail cars filled with gold and currency from Mexico to San Antonio.

One of the most remarkable treasures in history was discovered in April 1863 on the Greek island of Samothrace by an amateur archaeologist named Charles Champoiseau. His unearthing of the eight-foot high statue, Winged Victory of Samothrace, sometimes referred to as the Nike of Samothrace, was a monumental find…



Majestic Theater Ghosts

Excerpt: Walter, who knew just about everyone in that part of downtown, saw a policeman he recognized and asked him what that was in the street.

Majestic Theater marquee (J. Dennis)

“It’s an arm.”

“An arm?” Walter was stunned. “Where did it come from?”

“From up above,” the officer pointed up. “Up there?”

“Is it real? Did someone throw it out of a window?”

“Yes. It’s real Walter. The body is on top of the marquee. The arm fell in the street.”



Bizarre Selfie in Girls Bathroom

Two girls from this high school decided to take a selfie. What was captured in the photo sent shivers across the globe. (NL)

Call it supernatural, paranormal or weird. Some call it reflection or ghostly. Science has attempted to define it is as pareidolia, a psychological occurrence of when the mind perceives a familiar image of something that does not exist. We see them on bridges, in attics, basements, houses and graveyards. Others see them on trees, rock formations or on a slice of toast. But it was in the girl’s restroom of Rizal High School…





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