Clinton-Obama legacies cracking under pressure of five truths

Clinton-Obama legacies cracking (Pottery by Liz Hajek)

Secret Obama deal gave son of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear bomb-maker 35-year contract

$145 million sent to Clinton Foundation for Uranium One

The legacies of Hillary and Bill Clinton, as well as Barack Obama, are cracking under the pressure of truth as more evidence is revealed from various credible sources. Perhaps of greater importance, the information coming forth exposes far more corruption and endangerment to the United States than even the most far-right Americans could imagine.

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Liberal attacks are not sealing the cracks.  For instance, their playbook is in full force regarding the new book, Hacks, by Donna Brazile, the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) chairperson from July 2016 to 2017. In the past week, excerpts from her upcoming book have caused large concerns from Berny Sanders voters, independents, and the more middle of the road Democrats about the future of the DNC.

Mainstream media have spent much of their broadcasts time and front page space reporting and editorializing against Brazile. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, considered a far-left politician called her information “totally irrelevant.” Hillary Clinton senior adviser Minyon Moore tried to dismiss it “because the DNC is always considered the stepchild.” An aide to Bill Clinton during his presidential term, Maria Echaveste, said the “notion” is “nonsense.”

But Donna Brazile has proof Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton may have broken serious laws by cheating Bernie Sanders of an honest opportunity at their party’s presidential nomination. When Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned in response to the Wikileaks emails exposing she was attempting to sabotage Sanders, Brazile tried to get the party back on track.

“For those who are telling me to shut up, they told Hillary that a couple months ago. You know what I tell them? Go to hell ,” Brazile said. “I’m going to tell my story . ”

Mainstream media bias (NL)

Here are 4 more stories mainstream media are deliberately omitting or downplaying with their bias:

Truth 1: Hillary-DNC funded the Russian dossier scheme

Hillary Clinton paid a Seattle law firm–the firm that hired a Russian linked dirt-digging research firm, Fusion GPS, to defame Donald J. Trump. The DNC also participated with Clinton by secretly funding the made-up–totally fiction–dossier on Trump in an scheme to throw the election.  When it was first exposed, she went into virtual hiding for a week to regroup. The price they paid for this failed attempt? Somewhere between $9 million  to $12 million.


Truth 2: Uranium One crime

The real Russia crimes were the deals made so the Clintons could be paid millions of dollars conspiring to transfer American uranium to a Vladimir Putin controlled company. Secretary of State Hillary signed off on a deal that gave Russia 20 percent of America’s uranium. Those who benefited from the Uranium One deal paid Bill Clinton $500,000 for one speech. The Hill reported even others paid the Clinton Foundation $145 million for making the deal.

The U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment (CFIUS), a national security group of the Treasury Deparment, approved the transfer of America’s uranium reserves to Russia. Attorney General Eric Holder was a member of the CFIUS knew the transaction was under criminal investigation by the FBI.


Truth 3: Obama’s Gulftainer travesty could directly endanger America

Gulfainer deal was made in secret talks (NL)

CFIUS also rubber-stamped another Obama Administration travesty that could directly impact America’s safety. In 2014, they authorized Gulftainer to manage container operations for 35 years at America’s crucial Port Canaveral. Located near Cape Canaveral where NASA launches satellites and spacecraft, it is a strategic region for U.S. security.  Gulftainer owners include the family of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear bomb-maker, the family of Iraqi nuclear physicist Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar,  “the father of Iraq’s nuclear weapons program,” and Pakistani operatives.

Secret talks led to the granting of Gulftainer the contract despite it also being owned by the Emir of Sharjah of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Iraqi businessman Hamid Dhia Jafar, the son of Dr. Dhia Jafar.

The Obama Administration appointed Aimen Nabi Mir, a former two-time president of the youth wing of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), into the top advisory position to CFIUS).  The Gulftainer deal forcefully placed Saddam Hussein’s nuclear weapons mastermind, Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar, along with his longtime Russian KGB/SVR and Iranian regime associates and a UAE Emir inside the wire of a national-security sensitive U.S. port. Gulftainer misrepresented its true ownership.

In 2014, the Treasury Department promoted Aimen Mir to Deputy Assistant Secretary for Investment Security after the Clinton Foundation-connected Uranium One and Gulftainer Port Canaveral deals were completed. Both Uranium One and Gulftainer have deep connections to Russian intelligence, nuclear weapons, and uranium enrichment. Gulftainer has additional ties to the Iranian regime and to the architects of Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal.


4. Robert Mueller’s conflict of interest

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who as Director of the FBI  seven years ago, buried the investigation of Hillary’s uranium deal. Mueller has a severe conflict of interest. The Department of Justice hired Mueller last summer to investigate liberal and media claims that Russia conspired to get Trump elected.


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