La Vernia superintendent of schools proposed resignation disturbs citizens

La Vernia, Texas (News Legit)

Special school board meeting proposes Dr. Jose Moreno’s resignation agreement


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NEWS LEGIT received the following correspondence from a citizen of La Vernia, Texas. The opinions are NOT necessarily the views of NEWS LEGIT or Jack Dennis. Other points of views and comments are welcome in the comment section below. Following, in its entirety, for citizens to consider, are the note from the citizen and the letter from concerned people addressed to the local public at large:

The Note

“You’ve been very active in reporting in our community.  I thought you might want to know of this current situation

Dr. Jose H. Moreno, Superintendent of La Vernia Independent School District (LVISD)

The following letter was posted to La Vernia and Friends Community Chat.  There is a special school board meeting this Thursday with a proposed resignation agreement for the Superintendent of La Vernia ISD, Dr. Moreno.  The community is in an uproar over the “new” school board members who have chosen to make life difficult for the Superintendent the past few months.  The “new” school board members have spouses that are current teachers and those teachers are now “running” their schools.

In the midst of this senseless tragedy that has struck us in nearby Sutherland Springs, the “new” school board is choosing to tear the basic foundation of what is holding our school district together at this time, Dr. Moreno.  School board members are not responding to the community.  If they were elected to represent the community, then why won’t they respond??”

The Letter

“Monday, November 6, 2017

Dear, Dr. David Cribb, Janice Gimbel, Drew Herley, Cynthia Buerkle, Ryan Doege, Clint Askins, James Barnett, La Vernia ISD Staff, and La Vernia Community and Parents,

What makes a Superintendent super? There are many different answers to this question. Despite our differences of opinion and political affiliation, we can all agree what a great superintendent is not. With that being said, the public was made aware on Friday, November 4th that our La Vernia Superintendent, Dr. Jose Moreno, was asked to resign. But, why?

As residents and tax payers we should ALL search to find facts before judging someone, no matter how biased or unbiased we think we are. After speaking with many community members, here are some things people have said against:
Those opposed to Dr. Moreno claim to not like him but then they struggle to pinpoint specific reasons why. Others have said they disagree with a particular school policy, or want a scapegoat for past incidents, but offer no proof that he is to blame.

We, on the other hand, believe actions speak louder than words. When asked why Dr. Moreno is an asset to our school district, a variety of community members gave a long list of reasons why they are in favor of him. To begin with, many feel Dr. Moreno is approachable. Whether he agrees with your point of view or not, anyone is able to meet with him in person. He is professional and friendly, always greeting others with a handshake and a smile. Over the past three years he has been seen participating in the community by attending high school football games, opening car doors for parents at our schools in the morning, directing traffic during our STEM summer program, attending after school functions, attending a plethora of school meetings on every campus, walking the halls during school hours to talk with students, delivering snow cones to his teachers to show his appreciation, hosting parent meetings to answer questions and concerns, working with our maintenance staff on school improvements, facilitating new programs to better our schools, greeting a father returning from deployment as he surprises his son at the primary school and taking his personal time to attend community events with his family. Keep in mind, the reasons listed above are not in his job description. These are things that he chooses to do because he cares about this school district, his employees, students, and community members.

Acting within his job description, Dr Moreno has successfully raised school attendance percentages, increased our state testing scores, brought several community education programs (including YMCA) to our community, made major improvements to the technology infrastructure, initiated vehicle fleet upgrades and developed a long range facility plan with help from a large group of community members. He has plans that all campuses will have TEA distinction, as does the Jr High. He is constantly working to improve communication systems with teachers and other employees. Most of all, Dr Moreno cares deeply for OUR children.

Staff members are split. Some complain Dr. Moreno micro manages or adds unneeded work. On the flip side, one could argue staff members should be held accountable and high expectations should be set. Higher expectations can lead to more work on their part. In any case, we all have our own opinions. As such, we ask that you answer the following questions and put to writing the following: What law or code of ethics has he violated? What evidence is there of this violation?” If you answer “none”, then we ask the follow up question, “What has Dr. Moreno done to warrant a forced resignation?” and “How will his resignation benefit our schools and community?”

A new superintendent would bring a new set of ideals and policies, some could be good and some maybe not. In any case, it will likely cause instability. This school district has already worked so hard to make improvements and to better itself. After the tragedies we have recently endured, some stability would be a breath of fresh air. More safety precautions have been put in place. We now have a bully prevention system (Hear Our Voices). Over 120 students participate in our dual language program. La Vernia became a District of Innovation last year. Our students are participating in more researched based activities. Highly trained staff are being hired. Technology improvements have been made. Student behavior has improved. An officer was hired to assist all campuses. And, renovations for current and future student growth are being discussed. We are moving in the right direction every day. Why change this trajectory?

La Vernia has suffered its share of tragedy over the years. On Sunday November 5th, the unspeakable happened. Without prompting or hesitation, Dr. Moreno rushed to his office and immediately contacted neighboring superintendents for aid. He promptly sent a message of assurance to his parents, emailed his staff of proper protocol, contacted those in need, and planned for counselors to be ready to meet with students and staff Monday morning. He was not thinking of his pending resignation. Instead, he sprang into action. Dr. Moreno has proven over and over again that he has continued commitment to this school district and community. There are many superintendents currently working for other school districts that are not so super. But, there are not very many that compare to La Vernia’s Superintendent, Dr. Jose Moreno.

Several community members, teachers, parents, tax payers, and staff ask that you please allow Dr. Moreno to do the job for which he was hired. He goes above and beyond what is asked of him each and every day. If by chance you (the school board) continues to make the unfortunate decision to continue the proceedings of his resignation, we ask that you specify how you came to your conclusions and allow the public to express their agreement or disagreement with your findings and ultimately have a voice in your voting decision. Know that we, and many others in our community, are in support of keeping Dr Jose Moreno employed as Superintendent of our LVISD.

With Respect,
La Vernia Representatives”


Attorney Luis R Vera Jr

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  1. If what you say is true about teachers running the schools, than LVISD must have a problem with it’s leadership.

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