2017–Most read and shared articles from NEWS LEGIT

2017 Review (NEWS LEGIT)

The top most read and shared NEWS LEGIT articles of 2017 include a high school sex scandal, a new Interstate highway across America, creepy stories, Elvis Presley and political news. Based on all readership and shared stories from January 1st through December 1st, below are the winners for the top 2017 stories.

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Top referrers to NEWS LEGIT are Facebook, Google Search, Bing, Yahoo Search, Pinterest, live.com, and AOL.

The most searched terms leading to NEWS LEGIT were Elvis Presley, Sonny West, Texas Teachers, Greg Abbott, Conservative Boycott List, La Vernia, Tom Parker, Debbie Wasserman, Mainstream Media and Memphis Mafia.

Top reader demographics of NEWS LEGIT include Office/Administration, Military (including Veterans), Law Enforcement, Healthcare/Nursing, Sales, Customer Service, Education, Government, Small Business Owners, and Retired.

Readership based on sex and age percentages:

Ages All Under 39 30-49 50-65 65+
Female 64% 12% 23% 26% 8%
Male 36% 9% 10% 10% 2%


Top Countries

United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, France, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Philippines, Luxembourg and Belgium.


Top Ten Articles of 2017


‘We’re lucky no one has died’ in the Texas high school boys athletics sex abuse case

Students from the varsity football, basketball and baseball teams of the school were arrested and charged…

La Vernia water tower (J. Dennis)


Construction for new major highway Interstate 14 spanning from West Texas to the East Coast is underway

Move over Route 66, IH-10 and IH-20! There’s going to be another highway going east and west.

Interstate 14.


Former La Vernia student reveals his years of abuse, alienation and fear in schools

The small town of 1,250 and the surrounding rural area have been rattled to the core as families…

Christian De La Garza (Facebook Photo)


Creepy history of Chinese Graveyard on Zarzamora Street uncovered

There’s nothing like the laughter of a baby. Unless it’s 2 a.m., there’s only four teens in the car…

Graveyard mystery (Jack Dennis)

Elvis bodyguard and Memphis Mafia member Sonny West dead at age 78

Sonny West, one of the original “Memphis Mafia,” friend and bodyguard for sixteen years with Elvis…

Sonny West and Elvis Presley (Texas Elvis Fan Club archives)

Elvis fan receives surprise call from Priscilla Presley

‘At first, I was nervous. But then it was like talking to my sister!’

Priscilla Presley loved Lida Keijzer’s Graceland Dollhouse (seen here at the beginning of construction). Photos by Lida Keijzer and Texas Elvis Fan Club archives

The humbling night Elvis Presley was ‘scared to death’ on stage

Elvis Presley had just turned 36-years-old eight days before he found himself almost lifeless from fright…

Elvis and Priscilla Presley at the Jaycees Award. (Texas Elvis Fan Club archives)

Mother drowns at beach saving 4-year-old son

Tragedy has returned for a Palestine, Texas family after the body of Brandy Mosley was recovered…

Brandy Mosley was 33 (Facebook)

‘The Butcher of Elmendorf’- true story of the south Texas ‘Alligator Man’

Alligator (Photo by Jack Dennis)

One of the grizzliest true stories lingering around south Texas for the last eight decades is…



Pelosi goes ape trying to protect ‘piranha’ Wasserman Schultz

‘Piranha’ Wasserman-Schultz employed the suspect until day after his arrest. Pelosi dances…

Wasserman-Schultz is known as the Piranha in some political circles. (Photos GOP; Natural Science)






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