Trump in 2018 — The Deplorable Heroic Swamp Drainer

American soldiers greet President Donald J. Trump in Hawaii Nov. 3, 2017 (White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

Fake news being defeated by most American’s views

The president for people who hate politics and politicians


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We knew it. It was clear in our patriotic guts and American souls that our country was being swindled by a double-dealing mix of maligned back scratchers, pork-fed prevaricators, and lying leaches all boiling out of the same Washington D.C. pot. We recognized it was from all political parties.

Our echoing news media toiled and brewed to tell, sell and even yell at us their tendentious concoctions of talking points, imitated buzzwords and reasonless polls. But little of it matched up with what knew.

President and First Lady Donald and Melania Trump (White House by Andrea Hanks)

One of the happiest days in our American lives was the night we learned that Donald J. Trump, the heroic Deplorable, would be our next president. We were frightened and tattered. It took everything we had–and more–to believe in ourselves, even though the elitist cartels shamed us all the way.

A reward that night was seeing the faces and hearing the reactions from the high and mighty news analysists, Hollywood noble and inoculated university students across the land—especially in California and New York. Their responses were sad and expected. Trump voters were not playing by their games. Citizens didn’t do what they were told. Their sacred cows were put out to pasture.

We knew Trump was not the pick of the Republican Party early on. It was obvious during the campaign season. But it didn’t stop him or us. We showed up in multitudes until there were no legitimate question he was our nominee.

First Lady Melania Trump is greeted by children in South Korea, Nov. 7, 2017 (Andrea Hanks)

But we also knew it was not going to be easy. Many of us suspected The Swamp was bad. But through Trump’s first year in office we’ve learned that The Swamp (including the media) is bad, bad Leroy Brown badder than old King Kong and meaner than a junkyard dog type bad. Bit by bit we’ve validated our thoughts by enduring the despicable cavalcades of Swamp Creature experiences. In some cases, (Joy Behar, Morning Joe and Jim Acosta come to mind), it has grown into something repulsive and tragic.

With this year behind us, President Trump has validated our beliefs in him while confirming the demoralizing muddiness of The Swamp. As we move forward, our American hearts, conscious and spirit assure a greater country again.

President Trump and Vice President Pence celebrate with Republican legislators over the Tax Cuts Act (Joyce N. Boghosian, White House photo)

Here are some current polls and survey results Hollywood, Mainstream Media and liberals ignore:

  • While President Trump doesn’t drink alcoholic beverages, many in The Swamp do. In fact, according to data from the CDC’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), Washington D.C. leads the nation in heavy drinking. Over 11% of adults in Washington D.C. partake in more than two drinks daily. Almost 26% of D.C. residents engaged in binge drinking the past month.


  • Over 70% of Republicans are more optimistic about 2018. Only 23% of Democrats are now pessimistic. (Economist/YouGov)

Air Force Tech. Sgt. James Anderson hugs his family at Moody Air Force Base, Ga., Oct. 6, 2017, during a redeployment. Anderson is an aircraft structural maintainer assigned to the 23rd Equipment Maintenance Squadron. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Greg Nash

  • In 2017, the Trump Administration agencies withdrew or delayed 1579 planned regulatory actions, including 635 withdrawn, 344 made inactive and 700 added to “long term” list. (Office of Information & Regulatory Affairs). According to the Heritage Institute, regulations imposed by the Obama administration increased regulatory costs to the private sector by $122 billion annually. Those were ongoing costs to be incurred every year.


  • 71% of Americans want Obamacare gone or to continue partially with major changes. This includes 29% who want the law repealed, 28% who approve of the law but want substantial changes, and 14% who disapprove but prefer major changes to a complete repeal.


  • Over 71% of Americans believe that the political environment prevents them from saying what they believe. According to the Cato Institute, “Nearly three-fourths of Americans believe that political correctness has done more to silence important discussions our society needs to have” while only 28% “instead believe that political correctness has done more to help people avoid offending others.”

    President Trump congratulates Texas A&M Women’s Equestrian NCAA National Championship Team (Andrea Hanks)


  • 65% of conservatives say it is completely accurate to say that they’re proud to be an American. 43% of independents agree, while 37% of liberals admit it. 64% of Americans over 65 are totally comfortable with being proud of their country. 34% of those under 30 agree.  But only 6% of Americans suggest that they’re not at all proud to be an American. (American Culture and Faith Institute)
  • 92% of American believe freedom of speech as essential to freedom. 33% of universities “maintain severely restrictive ‘red light’ speech codes that clearly and substantially prohibit constitutionally protected speech.” Protests have caused almost 40 speakers to be disinvited from college campuses over the past three years.

The president greets Texas A&M Men’s Indoor Track & Field NCAA Championship Team (Andrea Hanks)

  • 91% of Americans believe voting is essential to freedom. But an earlier poll in 2017 said almost half of all millennials would give up their right to vote in exchange for having their student loans repaid.


  • 87% of Americans believe the right to privacy is essential to freedom. According to the Pew Research Center, these percentages of Americans say the same about:


  • 85%, freedom of religion is essential.

    Navy Lt. John “Jack” Curren holds his son during a baptism ceremony on the Pre-Commissioning Unit Gerald R. Ford in Norfolk, Va., June 24, 2017. This was the Ford’s first onboard baptism. Navy photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Cathrine Mae O. Campbell


  • 48%, right to own guns is essential. But only 19% believe it is not important. 33% view the right is important but not essential.


  • About 70% of conservatives support the new tax plan and the approval rate of independent voters is growing. (Economist/YouGov)


  • 78% of Republicans believe Trump is a better president than Barack Obama. (Economist/YouGov)


  • 87% of Republicans believe Trump is a better president than Hillary Clinton would have been. Only 29% of Independent voters think Clinton would be better. (Economist/YouGov)



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