Texas Attorney General’s office to investigate San Antonio Police release of illegal immigrants

George Rodriguez, EL CONSERVADOR (nl)

El Conservador says action ‘places all citizens in potential danger’

Police Chief William McManus involved with release of illegal immigrants

If San Antonio had a Hall of Fame for Citizens Against Political Waste and Corruption, George H. Rodriguez would certainly join the likes of Terri Hall (anti-toll road warrior) and the late C.A. Stubbs (homeowner taxpayer advocate) in that group.  Rodriguez, deservedly known as “El Conservador,” sent a formal complaint to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office asking the state to investigation San Antonio Police Chief William McManus and other officials involved in the recent release of 12 illegal aliens in their custody.

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“The Christmas Eve release of 12 illegal aliens in San Antonio could be the first major test of Texas’s anti-sanctuary law,” said Rodriguez. “SAPD Chief William McManus said his decision wasn’t due to a particular policy, an apparent attempt to dodge Texas’s Senate Bill 4, which makes it a crime for local officials to fail to cooperate with federal immigration authorities…The release of these illegal aliens without proper vetting by ICE places all citizens in potential danger.”

Paxton’s office indicate they would investigate.

El Conservador, like folk hero legends Zorro, The Lone Ranger, or Robin Hood, has no qualms about taking on sacred cows. He has appeared on numerous local, state and national television, radio and pod-cast programs to fight against wasteful government spending, political corruption and outrageous politically correct actions.

“What about the safety and rights of citizens?” — George Rodriguez

“There are lots of excuses and explanations, but the bottom line is that 12 illegal aliens were released to a pro-Sanctuary City group, and they disappeared,” Rodriguez stated. “Besides holding the SAPD responsible for not obeying immigration laws, we should also hold Catholic Charities responsible for endangering the public by aiding and abetting illegal aliens that could be dangerous to the public. What about the safety and rights of citizens?”

Particularly troublesome, this comes after the July 2017 incident when SAPD were called to a San Antonio Wal-Mart where they found 10 immigrants dead or dying in the back of a semi-truck. After arresting the driver of this latest case on Dec. 23, SAPD failed to notify ICE of the aliens in the back of the truck. Instead they transported them to a local police substation and contacted an immigrant aid organization. There were set free with no charges filed.

El Conservador is not letting the issue go away.

“The list of questions continues to grow about how and why the SAPD released the illegal aliens to a pro-amnesty nonprofit, Catholic Charities, and not to ICE for processing,” Rodriguez said. “The mayor and city manager insist that SA is not a Sanctuary City, but if it quacks like a duck…”

“They should investigate the embezzlement of public funds at Centro SA, the Re-Imagine the Alamo project, and investigate if there is collusion between lobbyists and campaign donors to the mayor and city council.” — George Rodriguez

“The defense of freedom, liberty and public safety starts in your backyard,” he said. “You must vote out the liberals at San Antonio city hall and the Bexar County courthouse. I suggest citizens call the FBI (210-225-6741) and the Texas Rangers police (210-531-4340) to demand they investigate the release of the illegal aliens by the San Antonio Police Dept.”

“They should investigate the embezzlement of public funds at Centro SA, the Re-Imagine the Alamo project, and investigate if there is collusion between lobbyists and campaign donors to the mayor and city council,” Rodriguez continued. “All of these appear to be ‘pay-for-play’ schemes.”

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus photo by (J. Dennis)

Chief McManus sent the following account to local news media:

“I was on the scene and managed the investigation, as is my prerogative, under the State’s anti-smuggling law.

We notified Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) soon after the incident was reported to SAPD.

An agent from HSI arrived at the scene approximately one and a half to two hours after the arrival of SAPD.

I gave no direction to skip or disregard standard protocol or process.

The two drivers were arrested for human smuggling and taken into custody by SAPD.

The 12 individuals in the truck were taken to SAPD headquarters for questioning.

No background checks or fingerprints were taken of the 12 victims because it is against procedure do so of victims of crime or witnesses to a crime, especially in the context of a human smuggling case. 

The HSI agent was present at SAPD headquarters and was provided access to the 12 individuals.

At no time did SAPD restrict or prevent the HSI agent from taking custody of the individuals.

SAPD had no legal authority to hold the 12 individuals after they were questioned; the City may have faced legal liability if SAPD had done so.

I met with HSI after the incident to discuss communication and coordination, including response times, in the event of future similar situations.

SAPD will continue its long history of coordinating with federal law enforcement agencies.”

Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood said his department are also investigating the case. The San Antonio Police Officer’s Association also publically asked for an investigation.


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