Texas Governor Greg Abbott takes hard stand against local governments raising property taxes

Greg Abbott and Donald Trump (White House video image)

Special letter from Texas Governor Greg Abbott:

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Enough is enough.

Texans are fed up with seeing their local governments raise property taxes and increase government spending without consequence while honest, hardworking people struggle to keep up with their skyrocketing property taxes.

If we hope to continue Texas’ economic success and elevate our state to new heights, we must reform this broken system.

I’m talking about real reform–not temporary fixes that simply push the issue down the road.

Today, I am announcing a new plan to rein in property tax growth, give voters a greater say over their property taxes, improve transparency and accountability at the local level, and restore private property rights for Texans.

Under my plan, Texas would establish a cap to limit local property tax revenue growth. This cap will provide one uniform system to protect Texans from excessive local increases in their property tax bills.

We can no longer allow local governments to raise property taxes without accountability. We must give Texans a louder, more powerful voice. Under my plan, any attempt by a taxing entity to surpass a revenue growth cap would be subject to approval or rejection by voters.

Texas has the second-highest per capita local debt burden in the nation. This is a driving force behind property tax madness because property taxes are the primary source of revenue for local governments.

Texans deserve meaningful reforms that strengthen property rights and leave more money in their pockets. Taking measures to keep property taxes in check will allow Texans to keep more of their hard-earned money and will help keep housing affordable for households that have been devastated by rising property taxes for decades.

With my new plan, we will stop skyrocketing property tax growth, secure private property rights, and ensure that Texas remains the most exceptional state in the nation.

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