The Alamo: New technology creates a portal to the past with debut of historical app

The Alamo in 1836 (Alamo Reality)

Free app debuts today

Recreates the Alamo as it was almost 200 years ago through augmented reality

SAN ANTONIOApril 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — For the first time in 182 years, visitors to the Alamo can witness the historic site as it was before, during and after the famous 1836 battle. Alamo Reality’s groundbreaking app harnesses the power of augmented reality (AR), a technology that superimposes computer-generated photoreal animations on a user’s view of the real world, transporting visitors to the Alamo in 1836. Alamo Reality’s Experience Real History™: Alamo Edition has recreated one of the world’s most famous battle sites through an unparalleled union of historical scholarship and augmented reality.

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“Using the power of augmented reality, visitors will be able to find historical locations hidden by modern construction and see and hear the stories of people who lived through these events,” said Michael McGar, President of Alamo Reality, a Texas-based company. “It’s exciting that people will be able to hold up a smartphone or tablet and experience the Alamo as it comes to life on the very spots where these events happened in 1836. The app can also be used at home, at school, or anywhere else in the world.”

The Alamo Reality app utilizes photoreal technology to overlay the Alamo’s historic footprint onto the present-day site. Also incorporated are powerful stories of historical figures brought to life through animated sequences. This is a tremendous feat as today’s Alamo is located in bustling downtown San Antonio where only 20% of the original battle site remains. This interactive journey back in time greatly enhances the overall visitor experience at the most-visited site in Texas, and is expected to increase the time and quality of the Alamo learning adventure.

“We’re at the forefront of creating how history is shared for future generations,” said McGar. “The launch of Alamo Reality’s Experience Real History™: Alamo Edition app marks a new era in utilizing technology to bring history to life in an accurate and engaging way. This is especially important in capturing the attention of younger audiences.”

Visitors seeing the Alamo as depicted in 1836 (Alamo Reality)

This immersive and interactive experience incorporates Texan, Mexican, and Native Indian perspectives with modern-day and newly discovered information and artifacts. These diverse viewpoints lend an important voice to the story of the Alamo and are now being featured with new prominence through the Alamo Reality experience.

The basic app is free, and allows users to:

  1. Walk through the entire 1836 Alamo, coming face-to-face with cannons and exploring the long barracks.
  2. Watch William B. Travis fire the first cannon shot during the battle, and hear and see his story.
  3. See the defensive position of the palisade where David Crockettdefended the Alamo.
  4. Explore James Bowie’s room in the barracks by the South Gate, a building that was destroyed in 1836.

Premium level content including more augmented reality scenes, videos, and stories, may be accessed for $4.99. This enhanced app enables users to explore 13 scenes; along with 29 movies; 40 biographies; history of the Spaniards, missionaries, African Americans, American and European settlers, and Native Indians; historical images; and read about other Texas Revolution battles before and after the Alamo (1835 and 1836).

Alamo cannons in 1836 as depicted in the new technology. (Alamo Reality)

Additional Alamo Reality products can be enjoyed anywhere:

In May 2018, a variety of fun and educational AR enabled products will be available for purchase through the app and at

“We also wanted people who are not able to visit the Alamo, to be able to experience this app,” added McGar. “The creation of augmented reality products has enabled us to do this so that people across the globe can enjoy this new means of exploration.”

About the Battle of the Alamo:

As one of the most notable sites in the world and the most-visited site in Texas, the World-Heritage-designated Alamo has stood as a symbol of fighting unbeatable odds in pursuit of freedom. Originally built as a Spanish colonial mission in 1744, the Alamo later became a military outpost. In 1836, it was the site of a pivotal battle during the Texas Revolution when Texan forces fought to free Texas from Mexican rule. Some 200 Texans held the old mission against thousands of Mexican soldiers for 13 days. In the end, the Alamo fell to Mexican forces, though the battle cry “Remember the Alamo” rang 46 days later as Texans overcame Mexican soldiers at the Battle of San Jacinto where they won independence for Texas.

Technical Requirements:
iPhone 6 and newer / iPad Pro
app for Android 6 and newer coming soon


Re-enactment soldiers in front of the Alamo. (Photo by Jack Dennis)  

San Antonio favorites. (News Legit)

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