San Antonio mayor and council members blasted for closed door meeting to shut down RNC

San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg is being criticized for closed door council meetings. Left: At the March NCAA Final Four. Right, campaign with Julian Castro. (NL)

‘Rethink Mayor Nirenberg!’ public forum set for June 30 at 1 p.m.

Councilman Greg Brockhouse stands up against the closed door meeting


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President Donald J. Trump campaign manager and San Antonio based Brad Parscale called out Mayor Ron Nirenberg and his city council for their biased decision not to submit a bid to host the Republican National Convention in 2020.

“Weak-kneed Ron. A city council of left-wing activists destroying the economy of #SanAntonio. @Ron_Nirenberg and city council just made the business community their enemy. Have fun with that,” Parscale Twitted.

Thursday’s behind the closed door session of council members smelled of the same trickeries and modus operandi used to take down a statue at downtown’s Travis Park last year. Even when prominent business leaders informed them no San Antonio taxes or budget money would be required to host the international event, they walked out with lame excuses for saying no.

‘Rethink Mayor Nirenberg!’

Brad Parscale is President Trump’s 2020 campaign manager and is from San Antonio.

A growing number of citizens are so angry that a public forum entitled “Rethink Mayor Nirenberg!” has been set up for Saturday, June 30, at 1 pm at the City of San Antonio – Municipal Government, 100 Military Plz, San Antonio, Texas 78205. The event is hosted by JD Ramirez, Matthew Solis and Christian Lee.

The event will “bring to light our Mayor of San Antonio chose to miss an great business opportunity for our city. This showcases poor leadership and diversity. We must bring to light with what’s occurring in our city and let our voices be heard. Urge friends and family to get involved and know what’s going on in our community.”

Despite the promise of 40,000 visitors, with some 15,000 reporters filling out restaurants, hotels and other local services, Nirenberg and some of the council members indicated they did not want the RNC in San Antonio.  Some unofficial, but influential city leaders, such as Judge Nelson Wolfe and former mayor Phil Hardberger, made it known to RNC officials the Alamo City wasn’t interested earlier this year.

City business leaders supported RNC convention

“Historically — and in most cases with political conventions — the city and county would each allocate $2 to $3 million towards the overall cost of the convention,” according to a letter from B.J. “Red” McCombs, John Montford, Dennis Nixon and Eddie Aldrete. “However, the RNC has informed San Antonio that as long as there is a genuine commitment of a hand-in-hand partnership to ensure a successful convention, the city’s financial commitment can be made up with funds that are raised privately.”

Joe Pags, prominent talk show host. (WOAI)

Not only are there legal questions surfacing about compliance with the Texas Open Meetings Act, other prominent San Antonio’s are weighing in on Nirenberg’s and his council member’s decision.

WOAI nationally syndicated radio talk show commentator Joe Pagliarugo, known over 100 radio stations as “Joe Pags,” tweeted, “@Ron_Nirenberg has got to go. Bad for SA. Bad for the people. Pushing away 200 million dollars. Sick.”

Even the liberally biased San Antonio Express-News editorial board wrote “In choosing not to bid, the city took the easy way out, sacrificing opportunity for this community…This was also an opportunity to highlight civil discourse and respectful free speech. A bid, if you will, to overcome the toxicity that permeates our national politics — to say, here in San Antonio, we’re better than that.”


Nirenberg with Darth Vader. (NL)

“The city is welcoming the NAACP national convention but they were afraid of the possible violence, disruptions, and politics the GOP national convention would cause,” posted George H. “El Conservador” Rodriguez. “I wonder if the NAACP will embrace all political parties of just the Democrats? I wonder if the “peaceful” Black Lives Matter organization will be present and honored? I wonder if they will be welcoming and diverse, and invite Republicans and conservatives to speak or at least attend? I wonder if they will speak out against all racism, including against whites? I wonder…”

Ron Nirenberg with controversial SA Police Chief William Mcmanus (NL)

Fran A. Carnot, suggested “Our community and business leaders who were in favor of the City bidding for the RNC; need to hold a press conference to pressure City Council members to retract their vote. The City Council members vote against bidding for RNC convention is a loss of economic revenue. This loss can impact the City budget and cost you the tax payer money.”

“Our City motto has always been, “San Antonio is a friendly City.” We need to remind City officials, government of the people, for the people, by the people,” continued Carnot. “Therefore, allow the voices of community and business leaders in favor of bidding for RNC to do a press conference. Just as the opposing group lead by Commissioner Calvert did….After all the opposing group would not be against, ‘fairness and equality for all.’”

“Email the mayor and express you concerns and the shameful way they voted behind closed doors,” commented Dave Torres.

Liberals turned off lights, heckled Weston Martinez and Cynthia Brehm

At a recent public hearing, after Democrats and liberals were allowed to speak, conservative Weston Martinez, walked to microphone to address the crowd. But, rudely, the crowd began to leave. A few media and spectators remained and what was caught on camera was shocking.

Man takes microphone from podium as Weston Martinez begins to speak at Bexar County Commissioner’s Court. (NL)

A man abruptly removed the microphone Martinez was about to speak into.

“You know it’s ironic that we stand here today with democracy dying in Bexar County,” Martinez said as he presented facts that over 40 percent of Bexar County residents voted Trump for president and Governor Greg Abbott “received almost 49% against Wendy Davis in San Antonio.  Do those lives not matter?”

The Democratic audience began to yell and heckle Martinez as he attempted to talk about freedom, regardless of race or creed. “What’s happening here is the Democrats are being pushed out by the Socialists.  That is what’s really going on here.”

Cynthia Brehm, a candidate for Bexar County Chairman walked up to speak, but the lights were turned off.

“You know what’s fair,” Brehm began, “We sat here silently and quietly as an opposing view–to what is happening here today, and we didn’t make snide remarks, but yet when it came time for us to speak, guess what happened? They took the microphones away, look around the room.  They turned off the lights and cleared the room.  They’re trying to silence us. This city talks about unity and diversity and acceptance?  Why didn’t they accept us?”

Police Champion Council Member Greg Brockhouse opposes closed door meeting

“Behind closed doors, private City Council meetings must end, :wrote City Councilman Greg Brockhouse. “The Mayor calls for a backroom discussion to bid on a political convention. Show some courage and do it on the record. Stand for what you believe in and don’t hide with the Attorney. The public deserves to know where we stand. We should welcome ALL to San Antonio…Democrats, Republicans, NAACP, LULAC, etc…that’s being inclusive and that’s leadership.”

In response, Teresa Ovalle commented, “If it were the DNC (Democratic National Convention), the bid would have been made yesterday, with immense hype and excitement. This is for sure. The mayor talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk of San Antonio being a compassionate, inclusive, and welcoming city. He would deny hotels, restaurants, and other San Antonio businesses from making money because of his political ideology. He is not worthy to be mayor of San Antonio.”

Council member Greg Brockhouse enjoy support of many SA Police officers. (G.Brockhouse Facebook)

Johnny Villanueva wrote on Councilman Brockhouse’s Facebook page that San Antonio should “Bring the RNC” and that he is “sick if our local democrats promising everything and nothing changes, but for the worse.”

Norma Castillo followed up with, “I would think it would be good to have the Republican convention here in San Antonio. I am very disappointed with our Mayor. I  am ready to vote for a new mayor.”

“San Antonio leadership unfortunately has that good old boy policy,” commented Victor Rivera. “They support was is beneficial for them, not what is beneficial for the citizens of the city, the entire city.”

“God forbid free speech…,” Jose Perez Rosie posted. “…the claim about it would be dangerous will only (be) if the far-left promote violence which they do so often. Then the fault would lie with the left not the RNC.”

‘The mayor has no guts’

Memo from Greg Brockhouse (Facebook)

“The mayor today took money out of the waiters who work at Restaurants on the Riverwalk, taxi, Uber and Lyft drivers, hotel owners, rental car companies all the small businesses downtown, restaurant owners…,” wrote Louis Gallo. “All because of politics….and who’s going to riot….crazy hateful so called tolerant lefties, his own followers? I’ve never seen any GOP members riot or burn down cities…They even shut down debate, turned off and took the mic 🎤 away from republican City representatives who were telling their side, their beliefs, turned off the lights, all while being heckled by the tolerant socialist in this city. This is unbelievable.”

Prior to his election last year, Nirenberg had been listed by Texas Bureau Watchdog Org as #4 on their list of “Scariest People of 2016.”

“This mayor has no guts,” commented George Ybarra, Jr.

Ruben Sanchez agrees.

“This is totally STUPID FOR NIRENBERG to turn down,: Sanchez wrote. “You know if the DNC was wanting to have their convention here in San Antonio, Nirenberg would be the first one in line kissing their butt to bring them here. It doesn’t matter to Nirenberg that it would bring in Millions of Tax Dollars to help San Antonio, as the Democrats overspending on everything for their cronies.”

“For instance, they went after the NCAA Basketball Final Four Tournament, and in 3 days it was projected to bring in: “A new study projects that the economic impact San Antonio could expect from hosting the 2018 NCAA Men’s Final Four will reach $185 million,” Sanchez continued. “BUT NO, NIRENBERG SAYS SAN ANTONIO CAN’T USE THAT KIND OF MONEY. The Democrats just don’t want any Republicans to look good in San Antonio.”



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