Myles Lee gives back, inspires youth through his music and song

Myles Lee performs in San Antonio (NL)

Donates back to city and community

Hip Hop artist touches those with troubled lives, kids running streets

Success in today’s young music scene requires talent, charisma and determination. Myles Lee covers all those traits and more. The 22-year-old is beginning to make waves in Texas with his original Hip-Hop and RAP sounds, but possesses a distinctive attitude that other singers may not.

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In a time when such music can get a bad rap (no pun intended), it’s refreshing to see an artist who knows what it stands for: “Rhythm And Poetry.” He expects to make the most of it to help society. Myles realizes his dreams with insistent, recurring beat patterns that provide context for meaningful and slangy chants. Some call it “boastful rhyming patter smoothly intoned.”

Myles makes “music to inspire and touch the youth who come from the side of town I come from, who have troubled lives, and who go through typical problems of kids running the streets, just trying to fit in when they stick out.”

Myles Lee performs in San Antonio, Texas. (ML)

“My goal is to someday open a business around my old neighborhood and speak at schools,” the singer says, along “with opening a school or institute for troubled learners and donate back to my city and community.”

He was “born and grew up in the southeast and southwest of San Antonio where I spent my younger years and a few adolescent years,” he explains. “I moved schools so frequently, I hardly had a chance to establish friends and build or grow with people.”

Myles has been playing at San Antonio events and is establishing himself with a following of young, hip music lovers throughout the city and at various venues such as a recent Afton Shows (nationwide concert production company, promoter, talent buyer, and booking agent) produced performance at Jack’s Patio Bar.

He was first recognized at Paper Tiger, the popular venue on St. Mary’s Street, to a sell-out show with several other acts.

“My first performance was nice,” Myles Lee smiles. “A lot of people thought I’d be nervous or scared but I’ve been preparing for this since I was fourteen, maybe younger, since I had stage-fright but always wanted to be in front of an audience.”

Everyone was ecstatic…

“Everyone went ecstatic for my performance which kind of surprised me,” he continued. “All in all, it was great. I felt I did great for my first show!”

Myles describes himself as “a young entrepreneur and activist for music and culture in my city. Not only do I strive to make a name for myself in the music business, but also a name to be reckoned with—when talking business mogul, icon, and of course, a public figure.”

“I started ‘rapping’ or making music at fourteen,” he enlightens.  Up to now “it’s just recording out the closet, using programs such as FL Studios, and Pro Tools. Thankfully I’ve had the blessing to meet some amazing people to help me with my craft and perfect it, as well as get into nicer furnished and more complete studios.”

All I really wanted to do was something to teach the youth…

Myles Lee with fans (ML)

“What had happened was I was going through a depressed stage when I hurt my back and didn’t know if football was the best thing for me,” Myles explained. “Plus as a kid in high-school only 5’6″-5’7,” my dreams of wanting to be the next Spud Webb or Nate Robinson were becoming more narrow. All I really wanted to do was something to teach the youth, to help others from killing each other and making mistakes I had seen or made.”

“So one day I was visiting my mom and she wanted to go visit an old friend of hers who had two sons, one who rapped,” he recalls. “Steven was his first name and his stage name was Yung Lou. We only recorded one EP, and worked in the studio several times. During this time there was a lot of ‘pop-up’ rappers, so I saw what he had to offer.”

I didn’t wanna just be another rapper…

“I didn’t wanna just be another rapper or guy trying to fit in,” he continued. “I wanted to stand out. Ironically, I felt something that night, like I was playing ball while recording. Such a strange feeling. But he told me if I was serious to go home and write and next time we’d lay down some tracks. That night i went home and stayed up all night writing raps. We ended up getting together and releasing a 5-track EP in a weekend.”

“All the money I’m focused on making isn’t for materialistic things,” Myles checks himself. “Sure I like nice things, just like the next man. But I’ll sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labor, when the labor is done.”

For now, “as you can see, I still have a lot of work to do!”


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