Will mayor move monument honoring the Alamo?

Alamo Cenotaph is at risk of being moved. Photos from Alamo Defenders Descendants Association. Top center by Jack Dennis.

Texas Liberty symbol could be ‘watered down, minimized, and compromised’

Saturday July 28, 2018 event planned to save Cenotaph


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The City Council of San Antonio, under the leadership of Mayor Ron Nirenberg, began their “first step in a totalitarian move to determine authorized forms of political communication,” by removing a Confederate monument downtown last year.

Just hours before the council’s vote for removal, the Sons of Confederate Veterans filed a lawsuit claiming “the city’s plan to remove the Monument in a matter of hours is an imminent and unconstitutional attempt to curtail free speech by ordaining what mute political symbols must mean.”

They called it a “totalitarian move.”

During the early morning hours of September 1, 2017, the statue was gone.

alamo davy wall

The annual Christmas Tree celebration did not take place in front of the Alamo in 2017. (Jack Dennis)

The second oppressive type action was the city leaders announcement that the decades old ceremony of lighting a Christmas tree in front of the Alamo would not occur. They decided it would take place at Travis Park on November 24, 2017.

While Nirenberg was spending $18,000 of tax payer money for extravagant new drapes in his mayoral office, a third dictatorial decision was made to move the Cenotaph placed prominently in Alamo Plaza in 1936.

The monument honors “the ultimate sacrifice of the Alamo defenders whose names are engraved thereon…” wrote Lee Spencer White, president of the Alamo Defenders Descendants Association noting the plan is to remove it “completely out of Alamo Plaza. Yes, locating it several blocks away where it will fall prey to vandals. This is how we honor and remember the Alamo?” (Note: the latest plan is to move it near the Menger Hotel).

White says it is a lie that the claimed “new site is more appropriate for the monument as it is the site where the bodies were burned… We, the Alamo descendants, want to place a bronze marker next to the Cenotaph with an updated list of Alamo defenders as well as the couriers, survivors and noncombatants of the Alamo.”

On Saturday, July 28 at 10 AM – 11 PM at Alamo Plaza, there will be a “Stand With the Alamo Defenders” event against the removal of the Cenotaph.

“For 182 years, the Alamo has been the symbol of Texas’ fight for freedom and liberty, and the principles framed in the U.S. Constitution,” wrote George Rodriguez recently. “However, Chicano activists and other liberals have long claimed the Alamo is symbol of “American occupation” of Mexico. Even Rosa Castro, the mother of former SA mayor Julian Castro and current Democrat congressman Joaquin Castro, disparaged the Alamo’s symbolism and defenders during her activist days with ‘La Raza Unida’”.

“The fight for Texas liberty, its reasons, and its principles, could be watered down, minimized, and compromised for the sake of political correctness and global tourism,” warned Rodriguez. “Sadly, these redesign plans for the Alamo are probably a first step to rewrite Texas history. Unless local SA voters elect a new more Texas-focused city council and county commission, it appears people who have a liberty-first view of the Alamo have been shut out and shut up.”

cenotaph alamo

Alamo Centaph (Alamo Defenders Descendants)

Ms. White, who indicates her organization represents the men, women and children who were inside the Alamo during the 1836 battle, said there are “many detrimental aspects of the plan, but the most egregious of these is that it diminishes — even disrespects — the ultimate sacrifice of the Alamo defenders.”

“The Cenotaph is close to 100 years old and has become part of the Alamo experience,” commented Dolores Tumlinson Duderstadt. “There is no good reason to move it to a more distant location, because the moving will only decrease its visibility and reduce the original reason to honor the men who died for Texas liberty.”

Duderstadt says the ” ‘Re-imagine the Alamo’ proposal is an attempt to downplay the importance of the sacrifice our Alamo heroes made for our Texas freedom from Mexico. It is an attempt to create a site more geared for sightseeing tourist dollars. Do not allow revisionists to rewrite and redefine our Texas history in an attempt to support their narrative.”

“This is an egregious waste of time and taxpayer dollars and it should not be allowed to continue,” she said. “Leave the Alamo and the Cenotaph in place as is, maintain it for future generations and let our Texas heroes be undisturbed in their eternal peace.”

Alamo defenders Texas Freedom Force

July 28, 2018 at Alamo Plaza. Hosted by Alamo Defenders Descendants Association and This is Texas Freedom Force. (Texas)

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