Shocking news exposes unaccompanied alien minor facts

San Antonio billboard sponsored by the local police officers association asks police chief William McManus why he released 12 undocumented immigrants into the city. (

San Antonio and other cities hosting shelters for criminal activity

Murders, MS-13 members, rape, drug smuggling, molesting admitted

Information taken directly from U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) reports exposes that a female minor smuggled into the U.S., staying at a BCFS (formerly known as Baptist Child and Family Services) center at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas was the daughter of a human smuggler. The girl was passing information to her father via a cell phone to aid in the smuggling operations. This was just the tip of the iceberg. 

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These human traffickers, also known as coyotes, earn as much as $6,000-$10,000 (and more) for sneaking people illegally across the Mexico-Texas border. This information, and much more was uncovered this month by Judicial Watch, a conservative, non-partisan educational foundation, promoting transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law.

In retrospect, we now know that citizens of San Antonio and other locations were subject to contagious diseases brought across the border from South and Central America and Mexico.  Doctors and nurses were actually threatened with arrest if they revealed the number of measles, small pox, scabies and other diseases to the public.

This year, the National Council for Home Safety and Security’s 2018 classified San Antonio as “one of the most dangerous cities in the nation.”  According to FBI data, San Antonio was rated highest of “serious crime” among the country’s 15 largest cities in 2016.

Things are so bad politically in San Antonio, that the Texas Attorney General launched an investigation in January ordering the entire City government to preserve all evidence and present any and all documents, videos, and cellular phone data, regarding a December 23, 2017 incident involving Police Chief William McManus.

nirenberg mcmanus july 2017 facebook

Liberal and progressive mayor of San Antonio, Ron Nirenberg with his controversial police chief, William McManus. (July 2017, Facebook)

According to the Police Association, when Special Victims Unit (SVU) detectives arrived to speak with smuggled illegal aliens that were found in an 18-wheeler trailer, McManus “then stated that none of the detainees were to be processed through SAPD databases and ordered them released. At this point, SVU Supervisors were so shocked they requested the order be put in writing.”

One police officer told News Legit that black SUV’s arrived to take them away to various parts of the city, including the shelters. Such shelters at military bases are now closed, including the one at Lackland. The Attorney General’s office is investigating where these illegal immigrants were taken.

The Obama Administration paid BCFS over a billion dollars for their services across the United States. According to one 2014 Time report,  executives of BCFS were paid lucratively. Federal tax records showed their CEO was paid “nearly $450,000 in compensation in 2012. At least four other top officials earned more than $200,000. The median salary for the CEOs of nonprofit organizations like BCFS was about $285,000 in 2011, according to a 2013 survey by Charity Navigator.”

In Fort Sill, Oklahoma, the cost to the American taxpayer was $86,846.34 to house each illegal alien at their shelter, according to a 2014 Judicial Watch report. The costs “included more than $2.6 millions in compensation for 30 members” of the BCFS management staff, wrote Tom Fitton, in his book, Clean House: Exposing Government’s Secrets and Lies (Simon&Schuster). “Among the items mentioned in the budget as being provided were catered meals, cable television” and more.

In San Antonio last December, Chief McManus released twelve undocumented immigrants into the city without properly and thoroughly identifying them said the Police Association. City Manager Sheryl Sculley defended her McManus by claiming he did everything right. But as more information comes out, original suspicions about city leadership have merit.

mcmanus sann antonio

William McManus, controversial police chief protected by Mayor Ron Nirenberg and City Manager Sheryl Sculley. (Photos by Jack Dennis)

“By not adhering to official policy, the Chief’s telling both his fellow officers and the community, ‘do as I say, not as I do.’ He’s saying the rules don’t apply to him – that there’s one standard for people like him and another for the rest of us,” said Mike Helle, president of the San Antonio Police Officer’s Association (SAPOA). “This is a terrible message to send to officers under his command, but it’s also a particularly bad one to send during a time when people in minority communities sometimes feel that they are treated by a different standard. As police officers work to build bonds of trust with those in minority communities, the Chief’s actions undermine our efforts.”

Last year, when Texas passed Senate Bill 4 banning sanctuary cities and the requirement of local law enforcement to cooperate with federal immigration authorities, San Antonio was one of the first cities to file a lawsuit against the bill. However, the bill was maintained by upper courts.

A 17-year-old male unaccompanied alien, also in the same San Antonio shelter reported above, admitted he was “in a relationship,” begun while he was a minor, with a 24-year-old staff member at IES Driscoll.

Another male alien had startling information about the Southwest Key-Casa Blanca shelter in San Antonio. Later he was sent to the Southwest Key-Nueva Esperanza facility and admitted he had an “inappropriate relationship” with a female Youth Care Worker (YCW) at the shelter in San Antonio. This included “physical contact at shelter”. The shelter staff member continued to “maintain contact” with the male after he left the shelter and had been to the male’s brother’s home in San Antonio.

At another shelter (St. PJ’s) in San Antonio, records show a female alien attempted to molest others in the facility, including trying to “put her hand between her legs.”  The perpetrator was “redirected by staff.”

nirenberg talking to police cadets jan 2018

Ron Nirenberg, mayor of San Antonio, addresses police cadets in Jan. 2018 (Facebook)

Still, in a shelter in Sandy Pines (Jupiter, FL) a minor alien “attacked a staff member with a chair after being told to stop inappropriate sexual behavior toward another female…After being restrained, she threatened to stab an unidentified person with a knife she kept in her room.”

In a Portland, Oregon facility, Morrison Child and Family Services Center, it was “all of the kids here at Paso are snorting white pills” and that “some residents had brought [the pills] into the facility” and “all the residents are snorting the white pills and at all the times of the day.”

Deported eleven times

Just this week, an illegal immigrant who had been deported eleven times attacked his wife with a chainsaw in front of their children, another was charged with a series of violent rapes.  

There were 18 human smugglers and 117 illegal aliens arrested in three stash houses around El Paso, Texas and southern New Mexico. Most of the illegal aliens—93—are from Mexico and with others from Guatemala (12), Honduras (6), Brazil (3), El Salvador (2) and Peru (1).

The Judicial Watch extensive report about Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) from the actual files of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) reveals shocking facts. There were 24,680 Significant Incident Reports showing four general categories of trouble.

  1. UACs admitting to murder, belonging to MS-13, threatening others with rape, admitting to drug smuggling, molesting other UACs and seriously assaulting other UACs or staff;
  2. UACs who were raped and/or molested en route to the United States or in the United States;
  3. U.S. Government contractors and employees allegedly assaulting or having sexual relationships with UACs; and
  4. Other incidents, crimes, abuse and self-harm.


baptists children bill 2014

San Antonio based BCFS receives hundreds of millions of dollars from federal government to provide residential services for unaccompanied alien children who came to the United States illegally.

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