Supreme Court

Trump announces Supreme Court Justice appointee and other good news

Even before President Trump announced his lifetime position pick for the U.S. Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, Democrats were declaring their hatred.  Trump’s legacy will last far beyond his time in office with the opportunity to select two appointees in just 18 months at the White House.

Attorney Generals files lawsuit against Obamacare for 20 states

Health insurance premiums rose 105% in four years Paxton and Schimel lead 20-state coalition lawsuit challenging Affordable Care Act Press Release from Office of Texas…

Basket of conservative news highlighted for Deplorables

Summaries of interest for President Donald J. Trump Deplorables  Conservative News 90% of workers likely to see more money in paycheck next month The U.S….

Attorney Generals from 14 states defend First Amendment Rights of Arlene’s Flowers

Florist Baronelle Stutzman, a Christian, was sued in 2013 when she refused to arrange flowers for a gay wedding U.S. Supreme Court receives amicus brief…

Why the liberal media owes Americans and President Trump an apology

Trump team triumphs–White House is breaking records with accomplishments Historic photos reveal achievements Liberal media’s imbalanced approach to condemning President Donald J. Trump is backfiring….

Good news for President Trump on Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch

“We’re going to get Judge Gorsuch confirmed,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told reporters in Washington. “There will be an opportunity for the Democrats to…