What doctors wished you knew about American health care

American doctors (NL)

Life expectancy down first time in decades

Suicide rates up among physicians

“In the fifty years since Government vowed not to interfere with medicine whatsoever, government has completely taken us over,” says San Antonio, Texas physician Dr. Kristin Story Held. “It is no wonder physician suicide is epidemic and life expectancy in the US is declining for the first time in history.”

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Since Obamacare was passed and signed by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010, about 2,500 American doctors have committed suicide. Various studies between 2000 and 2008 confirmed the rate for suicide among female doctors ranged from 200 to 400 percent higher than the national average for women. Male doctor rates were 50 to 70 percent higher. The trends have been increasing recently according to physician groups and new medical profession data.

The American Foundation of Suicide Prevention indicates an estimated 300–400 physicians die by suicide in the U.S. per year.

Causes and opinions vary among experts, but doctors who will talk about it are fairly certain they know at some of the primary reasons why the rates are increasing: Obamacare and lack of immigration enforcement.

Federal Overreach

Dr. Kristin Held

The federal government has used “half-truths and misleading statements disparaging physicians and our American health care system,” says Dr. Held, and “now that we have seen what is in the law, we know it is not the right solution.”

This week Dr. Held highlighted the 2015 Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA). Along with something called the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), the federal government intends to grade physicians and assign each a score of 0 to 100.

This rating, called Composite Performance Score (CPS), “is used to financially incentivize or penalize physicians and then the scores are posted on a public website for all to see,” Dr. Held wrote. She contends that this “constitutes deliberate government extortion of our nation’s physician…”

“At the core lies the ultimate conflict of interest,” Dr. Held states. “The very lives and well-being of America’s patients vs. the money and power of the medico-industrial complex run by a small group of insider elites, implemented and micro managed by entrenched, faceless deep state bureaucrats.”

According to Dr. Held, there are “four categories upon which physician are graded: outcomes, advancing care information, improvement activities and cost. Earning a high score often requires doing what government says instead of what is best for the patient. Doing what is best for the patient often results in a low score, loss of income, and public humiliation of the public website.”

Nothing in this title shall be construed to authorize any Federal officer or employee to exercise any supervision or control over the practice of medicine or the manner in which medical services are provided, or over the selection, tenure, or compensation of any officer, or employee, or any institution, agency or person providing health care services… or to exercise any supervision or control over the administration or operation of any such [health-care] institution, agency, or person.– Section 1801, Medicare Act, 1965

Immigration Enforcement

More than 10,000 legal Americans turn 65 each day. Some doctors say that the neglect of illegal immigration laws, preserve an expanding and continuing increase that is so out of hand, the population of the US is now growing by at least 25 million people per decade. A call by medical leaders, including the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), to increase the number of graduating physicians and add more accredited medical schools is not even putting a dent in the problem.  America is now forced to rely on recruiting foreign doctors and medical students from around the globe. Last year over 7,000 transferred from foreign medical schools into the U.S.

“Medical Mafia” is used occasionally to describe the unholy trinity of AMA (American Medical Association), FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and Big Pharma

According to the AAMC, the shortage of doctors will be up to 90,000 within the next five years. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services admits that there are more than 5,000 primary care health professional shortage areas, especially in rural communities, identified in the US.

Doctors say they can’t trust or rely on the traditional medical associations that have become corrupted or developed into government and bureaucratic pawns.

Only 13 percent of the nation’s 950,000 licensed physicians are still members of the American Medical Association (AMA). AMA was long the advocate for the nation’s doctors and “abandoned the needs of the physician years ago and has its own agenda,” states Dr. John Tedeschi, a primary-family care doctor in Robbinsville, New Jersey. The AMA spends about $22 million a year since 2010 lobbying for Obamacare.

Dr. Held asks other physicians directly. “Do yourself; do you serve the patient or the state? Do not violate your oath, your ethics, and your conscience to get a higher Composite Performance Score and a positive payment modifier.”

“I don’t know whether this is extortion, bribery or both, but I do know- I won’t do it,” Dr. Held proclaims. “And neither should you. If physicians would not comply, this perverse system would die. Patients can help by understanding what is going on and realizing that physicians with the highest scores may not necessarily have their best interests in mind.”

Over 84% of doctors believe the medical profession is in decline. “Doctoring just isn’t the same,” said Dr. Tedeschi. “The practice of medicine, its costs and medical policies, are now dictated and controlled by groups that don’t know the first thing about medicine, nor the people it serves.”


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5 Comments on "What doctors wished you knew about American health care"

  1. It is ridiculous to think that rates of suicides among doctors have increased as a result of Obamacare and Immigration policies. And very misleading.

    • Tell your fellow doctors that. They are the ones who contacted me.

      • Doctors aren’t committing suicide because of Obamacare, Jack. And Dr. Held (I was friends with her father) is complaining of an inadequate number of physician immigrants.

        • I have spoken with Dr. Held, Dr. Teduschi (NJ) and two physicians from Corpus Christi, AND a spokesperson from AAPS (American Assoc of Physicians and Surgeons). She told me suicide rates by doctors was even a topic of discussion at their May 2017 Annual Meeting in Tucson. As far as Dr. Held, it is her direct quote (not mine) when she said, ““It is no wonder physician suicide is epidemic…” You can’t speak for her, she speaks (and writes) for herself. Sorry this does not fit in with your ideology and narrative, but these doctors sought me out. I didn’t go to them. You could very well be in the minority on your thoughts about their concerns about these topics.

    • I also talked with AASP about single payer. They said, that under single the ones doing the work would be “Younger and less experienced physicians, foreign physicians, subservient physicians, non-physicians—or possibly no one.

      Having an insurance card doesn’t help if there are 50 people ahead of you in the waiting room—and the doctor is not in. Single payer is supposed to remove the barrier of having to pay for care, but none of the proposals create extra doctors. And of increased demand there can be no doubt.”

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