UFO report reveals number of 2017 sightings per state

UFO sightings have been in the headlines recently after a series of reports on December 9 were fielded from numerous states across the U.S. Again,…

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The true story of the Majestic Theater Ghosts

The following story has been verified and authenticated. It is true. Affectionately known as “The Godfather of Houston Street” by many in downtown San Antonio,…

Unhappy birthday for ‘Angel of Death’ nurse Genene Jones

Infant killer Genene Jones due prison release in March 2018 But Bexar County Grand Jury indicts her on new murder charges   TIP JAR Options….

Over 50 women fell victim to the Birmingham Phisher

Quit sending unsolicited message warnings to your Internet friends. You could be spreading a virus or worse. Never reply to emails and social media requests…